Saturday, December 31, 2011

favourites of 2001

ok, this is the last day of's time for me to choose my favourites from my drawer this year. a little bit of flashback, 2011 has been an interesting year of trying make up and skin care products. If last year i was just into skinfood and etude house, this year i also tried some innisfree products (like them),baviphat, and the new one holika holika. but anyway, still my favourites list all dominated by skin food and etude house

anyway, this is my fav list :
 all pictures are searched from google because some of products i finished them and no longer in my drawer.

favourite cleansing products :
etude house baking powder pore cleansing foam
nice scent, cleans good, no dry skin, and i am planning to get the baking powder pore BB cleansing foam next.
skinfood cappuccino mousse foam
nise scent, with scrubs but not too harsh on the skin. good for winter or dry skin.

favourite make up remover

skin food milk shake point make up remover
it is all in one- face make up remover and also eye&lip make up remover. it cleans well and no dry skin after that.with this i don't have to buy eye&lip make up remover seperately.

favourite toner

skin food omija white toner
lovely scent, not just freshen up my face but also help moisturised.
skin food peach sake toner
freshen up my face and tighten the pores, specially on my nose. oh, and lovely scen too!

favourite serum
peach sake pore serum
nice scent of course, not just tighten pores but also moisturised even better than its emulsion.

favourite cream/gel
skin food facial water vita-c
this cream is gel-based, so it is easy to absorb, not oily and very good moisturiser. this one saved me when i have sos skin problem (dry skin with flakes, redness and sensitive like a sunburn)

favourite peeling
etude house magic bubble peeling
easy to use, not harsh for the skin, and i got very smoooooth skin after using this.

favourite face pack/mask
etude house sleeping pack pore tightening
not just it helped reduced pores (not all pores gone, of course) it also moisturised, and it saved me when i have sos skin problem.

favourite powder/pact
skinfood letuce cucumber mild pact
match colour with my skin tone, nice finish, suitable for both dry and humid country (i used this powder when i was in jakarta, singapore which humid and yemen which is very dry).

favourite foundation
skinfood black egg pore foundation

my new foundation from skinfood and loved it straightaway.
perfect match, nice flawless and matte finish, help hide and smooth pores.

favourite lip product
etude house miss tangerine follow me tint
not just it gave me natural nice colour but also did a good job as a lip mousturiser.

favourtie blush
nyx mosaic powder in peach
i don't have a time to review this yet, but this is my favourite and to go blush. natural colour.

favourite eye product
this is my first gel eye liner, and i was surprised with how easy to apply this (much much easier than liquid eye liner) and the result is great too, so this is my fav this year!

favourite bb cream
ok, this is the hardest part. i've tried many bb creams this year and it is so hard to pick one for my favourite. i can't pick one! i have 4 favourites bb cream. i have been waiting for the fifth so i can make a post about top 5 bb creams, but until now it is still 4. anyway, i will post a review seperately about my fav&top4 bb creams soon.
for now, this is the list for my favourites bb creams this year.
BRTC jasmine water
good for dry skin, has a healing properties as healing my dry-flaky skin with some acnes/spot at that time
dr.jart black label
nice texture, perfect match, good moisturiser, nice coverage too.
skin79 gold label
nice texture, perfect match, good moisturiser, suitable for winter and dry weather here.
skinfood aloe bb cream
good moisturiser and it has a healing properties too. it saved me when i had sos skin problem. dry flakes, irritatet red skin, sensitive, and this one helped!

ok i think that's it for my last post this year.

happy new year everyone!!!


Melly's Preference said...

Hello, I really love your blog :)
Btw, I'm hopeless to find the perfect macth foundation or moist to my oily (very sensitive skin), already go to dermatology, used SK II, Bodyshop tea tree but always not worth. Have any suggest what product the best for me??
Thank you.. :)

galleryibu said...

with very sensitive skin you should ask somebody with sensitive skin too, because my skin is normal-combi, with oily and pores on he nose and chin. but i know how it feels with sensitive skin. once in awhile when the weather is very dry here i got this 3-5days sensitive skin with some redness, sensitive to any products. and at that time what worked on me was only skinfood aloe bb cream. it may be not a foundation but you can build up coverage with that.