Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anna sui perfume

i am a fan of anna sui perfume since.. hummm.. 7-8 years ago? i don't know exactly, but now i realized ever since i fell in love with the perfume at the first sight (yup, first sight, because of the cute packaging), and then of course also,  fell in love at the first smell, since then i never cheated to other perfumes.. well, unless if i got another perfume as a gift then i will use it too as alternative of my fav anna sui.

At this moment i realized that i have 4 anna sui perfumes on my make up table, so i decided to write about it. and as i started, i remember that before these 4 perfumes i used to have lots of anna sui perfumes before, and it was always anna sui, only different variant. anyway, let's start with review..
my Anna sui collection :
from left to right : anna sui secret wish (this is my second bottle of anna sui secret wish) - anna sui dolly girl - anna sui dreams - anna sui forbidden affair
anyway, i am not expert in reviewing perfumes. i don't know what kind of scent, what kind of flowery or spices scent in the perfume, so i will just share my thought about each perfume, and i will start from the first anna sui perfume i've tried until the current ones.
anna sui dolly girl on the beach
this is my first ever anna sui perfume. i was still in college (but forgot which semester), i saw this on the magazine and i fell in love with the cute and girly packaging, but then i just forgot it. no money (college girl remember?) one day, my father was in singapore in business trip, and as always, when he was in singapore airport before leaving singapore, he called us, telling us that he was in airport duty free and asked us what we wanted. my mom started to mention some brand lipstick, my sister i forgot what she asked, but as for me, somehow i just remember anna sui perfume that i saw on the magazine, just like that. so i said it. anna sui dolly girl on the beach! my father was like.. "what?" then he gave the phone to the Sales assistant there, and i said, anna sui dolly girl on the beach! and she said, got it. just like that.. then when my father arrived at Jakarta, i got my first dolly girl on the beach yeaaayyy.. and i fell in love wuth the scent straightaway. it was fresh, sweet, not too much that makes you sneeze, just perfect for a college girl or active girl. i finished this perfume until its last drop! overall, this perfume says, " hi, i am an active fresh sporty girl and i love nature"
anna sui secret wish
since i loved my first anna sui perfume i started browsing for anna sui perfume. the price, other variant, where to buy, etc. i even went to the dept store to anna sui counter and spray some tester on my hand, and i fell in love with secret wish and decided to buy secret wish for my next perfume.. but sadly, buying from counter is so expensice.. :( and then i got that chance. my family travelled to singapore for holiday. and perfume there somehow cheaper, so i bought it there. it smells very sweet and fresh too, just like dolly girl on the beach, but this one is more adult i think (dolly beahc on the girl represent young, active college girl). anyway, this one is my favourite from all anna sui, as i told you, the one in the picture is my second bottle that i bought 2 years ago. still my favourite till now, and guess what.. even this one is my husband's favourite. everytime i sprayed this and walked around him, he always said, you smell sooo good. one day he even told me "make sure you always have this perfume" haha.. oh, and this perfume says, " hi, i am a sweet lovely feminine  girl and i have a date tonight"
anna sui flight of fancy
I bought this when it was the era of online shop on the net, and so many sellers offer cheap perfume, well of course, not original. and i am interested! i love anna sui and why not to try this cheap one? so i started looking for anna sui KW 1 perfume, not really that cheap but much much cheaper than from the counter.around rp.150.000 (while from counter around Rp.600.000). so ok, i confess, i bought this anna sui flight of fancy kw 1. it smells ok, similar with the original one, but you know what... after a year, it changed colour and it changed smell! in all anna sui perfumes there is this logo with number 36, which means can be used for 36 months after it opened. and yes, my original anna sui perfume, even after two and half years it doesn't change colour and smells still the same. but the KW 1 one, it changed colour and smells. it smells weird after a year.. hahaha.. well, it's a lesson for me though. when i told this to my mom, she said, that's why with kw 1 you use it lots and generously, i even spray my bed room with it!
anyway, back to perfume, the scent is more adult, still soft and not too much, but more elegant and more "night use" perfume. overall, this perfume says "hi, i am a sweet lovely girl and i am going for a date"
anna sui love
this one i bought together with flight of fancy, so it is also not original. i just like the packaging. i like butterfly. my old room in my parent's house was full of butterfly. butterfly bed sheet, butterfly pillow, butterfly sticking on the wall, butterfly photo frame.. etc. and when i got it, i don't really like it. well, it smells good, but not me. not my character or type of perfume. my perfume type is like secret wish. fresh and sweet, not too much. and this one is a little bit too much. something that will make me sneeze. it is more for working or businesswomen, or going to party. anyway, this perfume says, "hi, i am a chic modern woman and i am going for a party tonight"
anna sui dolly girl
after trying other anna sui pefumes, one day i missed anna sui dolly girl on the beach. i looked everywhere, not available. some counter said, discontinued, some said not available for temporarily.. and then my aunt who sells perfume offered me this. so i just took it without try the tester first. i thought it would be as lovely as dolly girl on the beach. well, it turned out i like the blue one (on the beach) than this pink one. it smells girly too much.. and i sneezed everytime i spray it on me. i don't really like it. it smells sweet but too much, like an old lady. oh, i don't even know what this perfume will say. sorry.
anna sui dreams
i bought this on my birthday as my birthday gift. yup. i bought myself a birthday gift! i think this is form 2 years ago. i was looking for a small size cute perfume to put in my bag, to carry everyday just in case if i need it. so i went to sogo  anna sui counter and i found this. the packaging, as usual, very cute, just like a bag or clutch, and it is blue! and well, it smells nice. flower smell, a little bit like secret wish but secret wish is lighter. this perfume says, "hi, i am smart, classic and elegant"
anna sui forbidden affair
my latest anna sui collection. it is a gift from my husband. not open yet because i still have my other anna sui. so i will review this later once it is opened.

ok, that's all for my anna sui collection. what's your fav perfume?


Des Doligosa said...

Oh wow! It seems we have more things in common other than love for Korean products, Anna Sui too! Yay! But for me, I just buy the Secret Wish over and over again. :)

Best Regards!
Des of

galleryibu said...

i know!! when i read your post about anna sui i was talking to your blog on my laptop screen, "really? anna sui secret wish??"

Yuri said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Coincidentally I have just read this post a few hours ago and I found your description of every perfume really helpful (jadi secret wish ijo ya yg must-try hehe). But i wonder what's the difference between this green one and the pink bottle one?

Oh and if you have opened the Forbidden Affair, please let me know how the scent is, i'm dyingly curious!

galleryibu said...

i think the pink one of secret wish is more.. girly? hehe i'm not sure.
as for the forbidden affair, when i bought it the nice anna sui lady gave me bonus 2 tester forbidden affair mini bottle 1ml. i just opened it and it smells more... mature? lovely, like for mature women.."ibu-ibu?" well, in fact i'm a mother but i like sweet fresh for me i still prefer secet wish!!!

Aisoice Hitado said...

Terima kasih infonya gan.
Lumayan buat nambah wawasan.

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