Thursday, November 24, 2011

lip gloss review : Baviphat pure kiss lip gloss #3 and my current fav lipgloss

My criteria for lip gloss are :
  • not sticky
  • smells nice
  • natural fresh colour ; pinky-orange-natural/nude
  • no glitter or little bit glitter but unnoticable
  • doesn't dry my lips
 it was soooo hard to choose lipgloss from internet. you need to browse a lot. it would be easier to go to the counter and try their tester. that way of course you will not get the wrong colour. But i really wanted to try korean lipglosses besides they are cheap. All the lipgloss i bought from korea are under Rp.50.000. So i thought, let's try all my fav colour, if i don't like them then next year i will not repurchase.

anyway,, this is the review for baviphat pure kiss lip gloss
the packaging, nothing special. the size is just like normal lipgloss size.
the aplicator
the swatch--nice, pretty, natural, fresh. i really like it!
This lipgloss fill almost all criteria i mentioned above. it's only the scent, actually there is no special scent. no fruity or floral scent, it's only some makeup-perfume light scent and it is ok for me.
the shade, i love it. and it is not sticky, which is good, and there is a little bit glitter but i can't really see it. it is unnoticable. of course since it is just lip gloss, after eating you need to reapply. without eating i think it will last only around 3 hours maximum.
But overall this is one of nice lipgloss that will make my lips fresh and nice natural look during the day. and this is definetely one of my favourite.

And as i wrote on the tittle, i will show you my current favourite lip gloss;
nyx mega shine lip gloss natural
a'pieu nature floral tint gloss duo no.5 coral peach
baviphat pure kiss lipgloss #3
i don't like using the same lipgloss everyday so i use one of them today, the other one tomorrow and so on.. i like them all the same and even my grandma likes them. lol. there was this night when she told me that she likes the lip colour on my lips that i use everyday. well, thanks grandma..

for a'pieu and nyx i will review some other time..

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