Monday, November 21, 2011

egg soap review : tony moly egg soap vs holika holika egg soap

I wrote a post about egg invasions here and of course, i was interested to try, and i couldn't decide which one to buy between tony moly and holika holika egg soap, so i purchased both. oh. wait, i also purchased the one from baviphat. lol. Anyway, they are cute, the egg shape, the packaging, and the idea, but the important thing is.. are they GOOD? well, here is my review.

tony moly egg soap
the packaging is made from a carton, well, just like the real eggs carton actually, which is cute, but.. fragile. i know, it travelled all the way from korea to reach me, so when i got the package, while other products were saved and no damaged, this one was damaged. the carton teared apart, some even sticky to the soap. soo not pretty, so here i will just give you the picture random from google for the actual packaging without damage.
and this is the picture i took, after i moved them to plastic container (actually it is a container for food)
You can see how the colour for the white soap is different. the actual one is yellowish, not white like the picture from the net. Anyway, let's start with the review.
from what i read, the white one is for day use and the brown one is for night use.the only thing with a bar face soap, it tends to dry the skin, and this one, so sad to say this, it does!! in fact i could start feel the dry effect since it was still on my hand when i make a foam. And then when i started to massage gently on my face, it was ok, but the moment i rinse off with water, oh my God.. it was like the water not just rinse off the soap from my face but also took all the moisturise on my face. it made my face dry straightaway. and when at night i tried the brown one, it gave me the same effect. dry. less actually, not as bad as the white one. but still.i couldn't stand the dry effect of this soap, so i only use it for 3 days and keep them aside. Hoping that another season (summer maybe?) it could work for me.

Sorry tony moly. this product is cute but doesn't work for me. don't worry, it doesn't mean i will stop buying your products since you have some interesting and cute products.

Holika holika egg soap
same like tony moly soap, the packaging made from a carton-just like eggs carton, only somehow this one is stronger and it is not damaged. this is what it looks like :
the packaging

i bought the special set, contain 4 different egg soaps ; white (original), green (green tea), black (charcoal) and brown (red clay)
the size

in this review i will review the white one, the one i am using at this moment. 
So, how is it? well, i have been using this for around 10 days and so far so good. it doesn't give me the dry effect. but it is not soft or mild also. i think people with dry skin could feel the dryness after using this soap. because sometimes i felt dry, a little, but not all the time. it smells nice, don't worry, you won't smell egg. at first it was hard to make a foam with this soap. but one day i tried it when i was in the shower, with warm water, and it was easy to foam up this soap. so the next day and everyday i always use warm water to foam up bubbles easily.

As the effect for me, as a cleanser it cleans well, just ok, not that special but not bad, and as the other effect, which it suppose to tighten or minimize pores, so far i didn't see the effect for that. well, it s only around 10 days anyway, i hope after a month of using this soap i could see some results.
the negative of this soap is just like the tony moly, the packaging. it is cute but not convinient. You must prepare a container to keep this egg in your bathroom. this is how i keep it :
conclusion :

so, between tony moly egg soap and holika holika egg soap, the winner is..... holika holika!
and i still have 3 egg soaps from holika holika. i hope they are good.


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