Saturday, November 12, 2011

BB cream Swatch and short review : skin79 gift set

This bb cream set is actually from last year purchase (haha.. soo late review!) well, i have been trying many bb creams and when i purchased this i tried only 2 of them and recently i tried the rest 2 so now i am ready for all 4 skin79 bb cream review. I bet you all already familiar with this skin79 bb cream, specially the pink and gold one. it's quite popular and most online seller for korean products sell this, either the mini gift set or the full size. anyway, here they are:
super + BB pink - super + BB gold - BB diamond collection the prestige - BB diamond collection pearl

swatch :
from left to right : same like above (pink-gold-diamond pink- diamond pearl). as you can see, the pink and gold one has similar shade while the shade of 2 diamond collection also similar.

skin79 super + BB pink
triple function, as written on the small tube :
UV protection SPF25 PA++
wrinkle free
when i first searching bb cream on the net, this one is one of the famous bb cream that when i searched on google, so many reviews i found there. from what i read, they said that this one is supposed for summer while the gold one is for the winter.
anyway, when i tried this one, i liked it straightaway. the texture is creamy but easy to blend and the shade is fit for me. but there is one down side. last year when i travelled to singapore, i took this for me. i thought it would be perfect. the small size is convinient for travel, the shade is right, and for holiday i don't need any make up, just bb cream + loose powder and lipgloss. it was perfect at first. but, holidat at singapore = all day walking under the sun, walking down orchard road, MRT, taking photo at interesting landscape = sweat, tired.. and when i checked my face after lunch.. i found the bb cream on my face became cakey-melted.. make it look dull, not blend perfect anymore. i don't know, is this bb cream not suppose to use while you are doing lots of activites outside or was it the weather and some other things?
anyway, when i tried again the other day when i didn't do activities outside too muct that didin't requires sweat, this bb cream was just perfect.

Skin79 super + BB Gold
triple function, as written on the small tube :
UV protection SPF25 PA++
wrinkle free
this one is my favourite bb cream, not just from all of skin79 bb cream but also one of my favourite from all b creams. this would be on my top 5 fav bb cream for sure. The shade is perfect for me, and i like fow the texture is easy to blend, and it has a good moisturiser too!! esactly what i need. in fact i bought another small tube for this. and one day when i'm tired trying new bb cream, i will buy the full size bottle of this and stick with it! :)

Skin79 BB diamond collection the prestige BB balm
there is no information about the function of this bb cream on that tiny tube. the full size bottle of this one is so girly and pretty anyway. and the product itself, the texture is lighter than the super + pink and gold. the shade also different. this one is like with a peach tone. anyway, at first try i liked it, but after some hours, it has some dewy effect that i don't really like, and somehow it made my upper cheek a little bit oily. so it is not really my favourite. but i read on the other review that it works good for them and if you like dewy finish, this might bre good for you.

Skin79 diamond collection Pearl

there is no information about the function of this bb cream on that tiny tube. the shade, the texture just same like the diamond prestige one, only this one comes with glitter. well, that's why thet put the word "pearl" maybe? anyway, can you see the glitter from the photo? it's hard to see it there, i know. my first application i didn't notice it too although i put it on my hand first. when i finish i applied i just noticed, what.. what is it on my face.. blink blink!!!! oh my god... it's like you are wearing a wrong costume or something. i mean, i am a houswife and a mother, and it was a day light, i was gonna go out with my daughter to the souq (big market, but not a mall) and my face was like i was gonna go clubbing. lol. seriously. this one is not for me. i don't need it..maybe on my university year i might need this. so in my opinion, i think this one is for going out at night, party, to the club, photo shoot, but definetely not in day light to go shopping :)

ok, that's all for the review, and in my conclusion, my fav is the gold one!

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nicole said...

I have this set as well. I would love to be able to wear bb cream but sadly all the skin79 bb will turn grey on me. So sad :(