Monday, October 31, 2011

peeling & mask review : innisfree wine peeling softener and wine sleeping pack

I bought this products last year for my stock, and finally now it almost finished. i read so many good reviews abouth this so i gave it a try. my first peeling was etude house magic bubble peeling, and when it was half way i opened innisfree wine peeling softener for alternative. i also got 2 sachets of wine sleeping mask pack from the same line, both are finished, and it is time for review!
innisfree wine peeling softener :
nice packaging. it is a glass bottle, and the shape is just like a bottle of wine, only in mini version. 
no english. all in i have to search on the net for the direction how to use this.
this is what i found from random search on google.

anyway, now jump to the review :
the scent : it smells sooo gooood.. sooo yummmmyyy.. i don't drink wine but i guess it smells just like wine. 
how to use : with cotton pad, rub on your face just like the toner.
texture : a little bit creamny but light and watery.
performance :
at first, i followed the direction with cotton pad, and i could see the tiny white peeled of which it supposed to be my dead skin-that;s what they say, but i didn't see that much. only a little, not like with etude bubble peeling. i thought it wasn't effective, so i tried again different way, buy rubbing it straight away to my dry face, without cotton pad. it turned out it was hard to work on it that way. it took some time rubbing and rubbing until it started peeling. so i guess the first way is much better.
as the result for my skin, it gave me a little smoother after using it, but not as smooth as etude house magic bubble peeling, so i prefer etude than this. but since it is an ok product, not giving me any breakouts, so i continue using this as an alternative of etude.

innisfree wine sleeping pack
the scent : smells exactly like the peeling softener. sooo lovely.... so nice to put on my face before sleeping, i could still smell it when i was laying down on my bed.
how to use : use as last step of your skin care routine before sleeping at night.
performance : similar with etude house sleeping pack, but if etude house sleeping pack gave me a very smooth soft result, this one gave me more moisturised. overall, i like this sleeping pack. it didn't give me any breakouts, and it provided enough moisturiser all night.

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Xiao Vee said...

apa packagingnya terbuat dari kaca? :O beratkah? belinya sekitar brp? ^^ *tertarik jg*
thanks yaa bwt reviewnya :)