Sunday, October 23, 2011

online shopping review : onikchan

Back to online shopping review, this is the last stop of my list for korean beauty products. i wrote about onikchan before here, just a preview and my recent purchase, now it will be full review :)
so, this is the 3rd year i placed an order here. what i like about this shop? take a look at the web ;

Onikchan has loooots of beauty products. Not just from korea, but also from US, Japan, Taiwan, and many more i guess. seriously, i don't know how she could manage soo many products like that. ok, i will mention the brands available here; D.U.P, Jill stuart, shills, kevin beauty maker, dot dot, beauty DIY, vin vin, majolica majorca, chacott, melliesh, faceq mask, my beauty diary, canmake, candydoll, kanebo, koji, sana, kiss me, hadalabo, kose, biore (import),  lunasol, holika holika, beauty credit, a'pieu, tony moly, innisfree, etude house, skinfood, liole, baviphat, vov, nature republic, the face shop, missha, banila co, 3w clinic powder. WOW. soooo many. and not just all that brands, she also open pre order from sephore, drugstore and nordstorm.
Many of that products i mentioned are still new for me and i am not familiar with. so, why i like this store most is obvious because it is the most complete brands, some are still rare to find in jakarta or other seller. For me, this store is to find something that other sellers don't have, and also to find new products to try.

my first purchase here was travel set of skin food and  my second purchase was eco tools brush and everyday mineral brush.this year, i bought this:
skin food gold kiwi set, etude house rub me tender ( i wasn't planning to buy this. i was planning to buy something else from nature republic but not available so i just replaced with this since i need peeling), and nature republic banana mousse pack.

other thing about onikchan, she is good with customers and total commited. well, there is this story that last year, when i placed ecotools brush, it turned out that the arriving schedule was late. i was panicked as i was leaving jakarta soon. and i bet she really felt sorry too, and thank God it arrived one day before i left jakarta, and she delivered it to my door, not by post. was quite a story though, how my other ecotools brush was not arrived yet, so she changed it into everyday mineral brush, which is ok for me.

so, this is my last stop for korean products/cosmetics online shopping.i hope you girls enjoy reading it.

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