Thursday, October 13, 2011

online shopping review : iheartkoreanbeauty

Before i start reviewing beauty products, i want to review some sellers i bought all products this year, and my first review is iheartkoreanbeauty. I first found out about this seller from some beauty bloggers out there. Many good reviews about this seller, so i gave it a try and contacted the seller, if it is possible to send to jakarta and she said yes. I started browsing on but now she has a new link on .
anyway, the seller/owner named zhen, or at least that's how people call her (i don't know her real name), was very nice and helpfull, and i think she is also korean beauty products customer/user, so she can answer my questions really well like customer to customer. I can also ask for suggestion from her, which is nice.
oh, and these are products from iheartkoreanbeauty:
2 i like most from iheartkoreanbeauty. first, she has loooottsss of travel size/sample bottle for sell. i loooove trying new products and buying the travel size is a good option. Second, she is the most generous seller in giving free gift or free samples. look at this :
You see that tony moly ice queen multi play cream? it is a free gift! free gift in a full size bottle? how generous is that? well, she said that it is my vip gift. she has this program about if you purchase for some amount, you will be a vip member and get a free gift. but seriously, she is the first seller who gave a full size bottle as a free gift!
In the process, my order took sooo long. some unexpected happened. my baviphat order didn't came, so she must contacted the korean seller to order it again, and after waiting and waiting.. it turned out that the products i ordered discontinued. she felt very sorry, and she even gave some discount for some items for me. how nice..
And the good service didn't stop there. she also helped me tracking my package after a week still not arrived. she helped me checking to singapore post office and email me the tracking copy.

In conclusion, i am very happy shopping here. the only thing i don't like is just... the delivery fee from singapore to jakarta. lol.


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