Wednesday, October 19, 2011

online shopping review : riebutik

next stop for korean beauty shop is riebutik. it is one of the famous online shop for korean products in indonesia, i guess. because many of indonesian beauty blogger i read, they bought their korean products from riebutik. in femaledaily forum this seller also quite famous and favourite, both for pre order and ready stock.
i have been a loyal consumer since 3years ago or ever since i started using korean beauty products. first time i bought the ready stock item, then last year i started join their pre order and this year again, i ordered some items from them. So, the pre order system is every month, there is an open date and close date for every batch, and the package will arrive 2-3 weeks after pre order closed.
the price of course much much cheaper than the shops in the mall, and if you purchase rp.2.000.000 there is 5% discount. you can choose ready stock pre order or if you want to buy something that is not available at that time of course you can always join pre order. 
anyway, this is my haul from riebutik this year:
i ordered some more products but not available, i don't know was it because discontinued or sold out at that time.
i still have some pictures of haul from riebutik from last year, so i just put them here;

overall, i like shopping here. the website itself, for ready stock products it is categorized by brand in separate folder, while for preorder pricelist you can download the pricelist from the web or if you can't download it you can just contact them and they will send you the pricelist by email.
the working hours is only from 9am to 3pm, so if you send email after 3pm you will have to wait until tomorrow to get reply. but sometimes i got reply after 3pm though :). and in some time of the month they are very very busy in the time of package arriving from korea i guess, so sometimes it took some time for them to reply your email.


Lina Kim ♥ said...

ooh my, this is my favorite online shop, they sell everything at the cheapest price! I can't even believe the price! yeaaah

mystory said...

hi sis, salam kenal ^ ^
baviphat milk strawberry latte mousse foam efeknya gimana sis?
please review ya, thank you : )

galleryibu said...

mystory : belum dicoba sis baviphatnya.. masih banyak cleanser lainnya yang mau dicobain dulu..hehehe

Olga Srikandi said...

kalo belanja riebutik itu dijamin barangnya asli gak ya?

aussie said...

dijamin asli kok. emang dia murah banget kan kalo yg di toko udah kena pajak masuk Indonesia. trustworthy banget