Wednesday, October 12, 2011

supermarket, mayestik and other shops shopping hauls

First day when we arrived in Jakarta, first thing we needed to go to the supermarket to buy tooth brush, shampoo, soap, etc. I enjoyed looking at all new products i didn't see last time (which is last year!).I felt like i wanted to buy and try all the new products there. lol. Everytime we passed supermarket, either carrefour, hero, giant, food hall, i always stopped by and picked some interesting products. And of course, one day we also went shopping to Mayestik, and i bought some hair products with cheaper price and rare to find in supermarket.

overall, i enjoyed so much shopping for beauty products in jakarta, and i bet next year there will be more new and interesting products to try! As for this year, here are the products i chose to buy and try:

from supermarket :
Rudi hadisuwarno hair growth serum (this is not the first time i bought this product. i tried it before and it worked great, so i repurchased this) - biore make up remover cleansing foam (i bought the cleansing sheet too, but i finished it)- loreal derma genesis set (foam, toner, gel cream)- maybeline lip&eye make up remover- wardah olive oil - ponds toner - ponds whitening set (cleansing foam, day and night cream) - taman sari mustika ratu shampoo and conditioner- mustika ratu conditioner - makarizo hair energy

from mayestik :
Mayestik these days so not convinient as the big building is under renovation and all tenants moved to the side of the road, small small temporary shops. But thank God 2 of the cosmetic shops located in the front so i didn't have to go inside. The first one named budi mulia (the very famous one since long ago, i guess) and the other one i forgot the name, but it is located next to budi mulia and surprisingly, cheaper price! 
Anyway, from Mayestik i bought hair products. Makarizo hair texture shampo and conditioner variant mint, strawberry yogurt, green tea and black chocolate. I've tried 2 variants before; vanilla and cinamon coffee, and i liked them, so i bought the rest of the variants to try. i also bougth l'oreal hair spa for around Rp.90.000 (i forgot the exact price), but i saw in ranch market it was Rp.115.000.
next is makarizo hair energy (for creambath) honey&royal jelly, another cream creambat i never tried, and makarizo rebonding system (although i don't know if i really need this. haha.. maybe one day if i want a make over)
i also bought 2 wardah lipstick from mayestik but i forgot to put them together here.

from the body shop:
the body shop had a great deal when i went there.. i went to body shop not just once but more than that. first, i bought banana shampoo and conditioner and my husband also bought a set of men body wash and aftershave. that day we got one free product to choose. we can choose any product and they will count the cheapest as a free gift. so we chose spa wisom japan. Next visit, they have a good sale for shampoo, soap, and some set of their products so i bought ice blue shampoo (around 15.000 to 20.000 rp cheaper than normal price).

other shops :

i am a fan of body scrubs made in indonesia! i bought lulur bali sekar jagat, bali ratih, mustika ratu, wardah and vivele.

i guess that's it for my beauty products shopping. Now it is time to try and enjoy using them...

see u soon!

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