Monday, July 4, 2011

Online shopping review : where to buy skincare/make up sample

I got a comment on my multiply asking about where did i buy all the skincare/make up sample. well, i have some favourite online shop that sell samples. i wanted to review them all, but at this moment i am placing order with them for skincare/make up, and as it is pre order so i will have to wait for around 2weeks-1month for the itemd to arrive.
but anyway, as the topic now is samples, i will just mention them...
i have two favourite corner on chic-princessa, which are... travel set and sample area. check this out:
there are various of sample sachet for only rp.3.000! how great it is for people who like trying new products, like me! not just sample sachet for skincare/make up, but also bb creams in jar for trying!! if you don't know which bb cream to choose, or if you are bb creams freak and just want to try bb cream, go to this site.
the price for bb cream sample in jar is depend on how expensive it is in full bottle size..the selling price start from rp.16.000-rp.40.000 (BRTC). i bought my bb cream samples here; BRTC gold caviar, skin69 gold oriental,  banila co, and many more that i can't remember! hehe

oh.. there is one thing i love MOST here, which is.. the travel size!! last year i bought the skin food mask pack (6 different type) and omija whitening set here! this is the photo:

and as for this year, i already bought skin food mini bb cream set (set of 3 bb creams), platinum grape cell gift set and skinfood ancient rice travel set. wow.. how great it is that i can try 2 new skinfood line without buying the full size bottles!

travel size item available here at this time :
and.. many more.. you can just check out the website...

go to the site, and click samples area folder, you can find lots of samples there.. last year i bought my skin food carrot toner-emulsion and skinfood, missha toner-emulsion sample size (in small bottles, not sachet) here.
 oopss.. i don't have the photo for carrot toner-emulsion i bought here, but i still have this missha photo
 at this moment, i already placed my order for holika holika with intenscorner (first time joining pre order here), so i will review more about this site later after i receive the items. and as for the sample/travel size, i ordered etude house moistfull travel set :)
 this is also online seller where you can find samples or travel set. this year would be the third time i shop here.
i bought this skin food gold caviar travel set here.
i also ordered skin food avocado toner-emulsion, skin food agave cactus toner emulsion, etude house aqua sherbet toner-emulsion, all in mini bottle size. i also bought some sample sachet here, i can't remember them all as i bought quite a lot of sample last time.. i think rtude house precioud mineral bb cream sample sachet, skin food mushroom bb cream sample sachet, missha bb cream sample sachet..
if you want to check what's in stock for samples at this moment, go to her site, then look for folder all about samples.

guess what i order this time? of course.. that skin food gold kiwi set and the mask!! and at this moment i also placing my order here for nature republic. so i will review more later about this seller.
 i started shopping here since last year. and just like other sellers, riebutik also has a special folder for sample size, sachet, travel size. i bought this skin79 bb set here.

i also bought innisfre olive travel set, some baviphat sample sachet, innisfree sample sachet here.
if you want to check what's in stock, go to the site, check folder special set and sample sachet/travel size. i will review more abouth this seller later after i receive my order here. Yup, i already placed my order again with riebutik!


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finaly i could comment on your web
hai hai i'm the same person who's comment on your multiply..
Thanks yaah for this article ^^

galleryibu said...

hehe... akhirnya bisa juga yah comment di sini... welcomw!

Anonymous said...

wah...banyaknyee...best2!!!nak shopping kat situ jugak laaa...!!!

- followed you :)

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very good article that reminds me grabbing a few months to buy some very good products online at and I came quickly and without problems