Friday, July 29, 2011

(not so good) Hair product review : vatika

haha.. the title says it all. i will review some products i don't like,,,,
well, when i bought this 2 products, i knew that should just stick with garnier or loreal but at that time they were not available, only this brand and some other unknown brand so i just boguht them. i bought in oil type and cream type to try which one is the best for me. as i told you before in my previous post, in yemen my hair became dry and tangled, so hard to brush smoothly. even conditioner is not enough. so extra hair care is a must. my yemeni friend said that yemeni women use hair oil. well, yes, in fact i saw my neighbour use hair oil then wrap her hair with cloth or thin cotton pashmina then started cleaning the house, then shower and wash it off.
so this is my review for vatika cactus enriched hair oil
Vatika is a brand from United Arab Emirates. the brand has so many variant, and i chose cactus one because it is for hair fall control.well, first, the smell, i don't know hoc cactus smells like, but this one smells ok. light perfume, fresh scent. the texture is.. well, oil. i tried it on my hair before shower. a little bit a mess, as the bottle is just like that, when i open it there is no other smaller cap to control the amount of oil. so, for the packaging, it is so unconvinient.
the effect for my hair, to be honest i don't feel any effetct. no bad effect though, but still, i don't feel any effect i expected. even after i leave it for quite a while, still, after wash i don't feel any different.

next is vatika styling hair cream with henna, almond and aloe vera
seriously, i don't know what it this product suppose to be. ok, it is written styling cream. when i hear styling cream it means cream to help you style your hair, like after wash, blow dry with this cream, something like that.. but.. what is written in the instruction:
before shampooing, massage cream into dry hair from root to tip.leave for 15 minutes for deep nourishment.wash hair as usual.

stop here, doesn't it sounds like creambath cream? massage and wait before rinse off?

anyway, the instruction is not finish.

after wash apply small amount to damp hair for all day pprotection, shine and to facilitate styling

ok, now it also sound like leave-on conditioner, although it said "facilitate styling" at the end

anyway.. back to product review, i tried this by following the direction.. what happened is... a disaster for my hair. a bad hair day. the cream just sticked to my hair, i couldn't remove although i was standing below the shower for quite looong time trying to remove the cream. the cream made my hair oily all day long.. or we called it "lepek" in bahasa. arrrrggggghhh not goooooddd!!
it is a weird product.

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boomboom said...

vatika is actually an indian company, i personnaly believe you shoud try the one with the conconut :)