Thursday, July 7, 2011

review : skinfood Honey lip treatment

from skin food website:
A lip treatment gel containing more than 50% natural honey to provide moisture and luster to dry lips.
You will enjoy its sweet scent and honey taste. * Use:
Apply sufficient amount, when lips feel dry or before going to bed.

my opinion, this is a product with almost no effect. Lip treatment? oh, cmon.. the REAL honey is (of course) much much better.. we all know that honey is good for the skin, and commonly used as a mask, and also apply-ing honey to the lips will give you nice, soft, dry-free lips. but what i don't like from applying honey on my lips is the sticky feeling. so i bought this skin food honey lip treatment, hoping that it will do as good as honey without sticky feeling. but well, i was dissapointed.

in some season i have dry-cracked lips, and this product did nothing. my vaseline jelly and real honey are much much better in keeping my lips moisturized and heal the cracking. the texture is too light watery, not like other lip tratment with more creamy texture. this is more like syrup or thick water, that if you press the tube too hard you will get too much product out that will end up you don't know what to do with it than just apply to any part od your body.hehe.the only good thing from this product is that as it said, sweet scent and honey taste. it really taste like honey. once my daughter asked me to apply on her lips too, and i did, and she knew it straight away, she said, "honey!" and after she licked her lips, she said, "sweet!"

and of course, maybe it is more convinient for travelling than caryying the real honey with bottle or jar, right,, but still.. for me it is just for fun.. for the sweet taste on the lips only.. i can't even use this as a lip balm before using lipstick because the texture so watery but sticky so the lipstick can't stick there and will just smeared around.. arrgggghhh

ok, i am dissapointed at this lip treatment from skin food, but i still ordered another lip care from skin food this month, which is the shea butter one, i hope that one would be better than this!


cominica-ai said...

Try maybelline new baby lips lip balm from Japan, I was try it last week and it's awesome!
Im thinking to make the review as soon as pos :)

D_Red said...

aaah hampir aja mesen honey lip treatment PO kmaren,hehe
cos bibir lagi kering bgt nie gara2 AC di kantor..
any suggest??