Saturday, April 2, 2011

who finished my skin food cream??!!

face cream is my weapon to fight winter and its dry weather in Yemen. I used cream day and night, not just for a night treatment, because emoulsions or lotions are just not enough. i bought skin food fresh juice c cream and skin food vita c cream on my last visit to jakarta.

now the fresh juice c cream is finish and vita c is almost finish.. whattt??!!! i didn't use them all!!! who did?!!!
and the answer is...... my 2 year old daughter!!!
we were in the room, and i left her to the toilet just for less than 3 minutes, when i came out, TARAAAA...!!!
there she was, with my skin food cream on her hand, opened of course, and from what i saw i knew that she just dipped her finger, no, not a finger. three fingers!!, into my skin food jar, and some cream also all over the face.
i was standing there, speachless, didn't know what to say. i took the jar from her to check.. sigh.. not much was all over her hand and face..she left me only a little.. oh my dear.. i wish you knew that cream cost me more than rp.100.000... lol
in that situation, i have no choice, right.. i can't just shout or be angry with her.. afterall she is just a kid, she didn't know and she didn't mean it, and i left her alone for 3 minutes. i am sure i put all my cosmetics far enough from her reach but somehow she could reach it.
when my husband came from work, i told him the story, i told him, oh.. at that moment i felt like i just wanted to cry.. because nothing else i can do.. my husband laughed and he said, i should have taken a picture of her with that cream all over her face. yeah,, i didn't think of that... i was too shocked!

and you know what.. it was only her first time. she did it again!! she did the same thing to my skin food vita c cream and missha m bb boomer. when she applied missha m bb boomer all over her face, loootts of it, her face was glowing all day!! lol
so, for all the mothers in the world.. please keep away your cosmetics/skin care from your children if you don't want this happen to you.. lol.


Stephanie said...

Oh my... I guess she wanted to be more like mommy.. Kids mimic adults so much.. Must've been cute with that cream all over her face. Anyways, my condolences to both creams ^.^ Hope you stay strong..

galleryibu said...

in fact once she took my pact powder, she opened it, and with the puff she started dab powder to her face, i bet she watched me doing that. after that she smiled and say to me, "cantik..."

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I still remembered ho my little brother used to bug me when I did my make up too!! He will sneak up behind me grab a product. Any product! And RUN FOR HIS LIFE! LOL!

thanks for dropping by in my blog ;) Followed you too!!! ;D