Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's try out some samples!

I mentioned in my previous post that i have finished my skin food fresh juice c cream.Before i start using my peach sake skin care line, i decided to try samples i got. I still have my fresh juice toner so i used the toner and then for the cream i tried samples and decided to make short review each one of them.

tony moly vita vital MX7 cream
i'm not familiar with tony moly. In fact this is the first tony moly product i have tried. i don't know what this cream for. is it for oily sking, dry skin, anti aging/wrinkle care? i have no idea.. First impression for me is always the scent. i always put the cream close to my nose to sniff it before apply on my face. this one smell ok. Something medical-herb, but not strong. The cream it self, i was surprise that it kept my face moisturized all day. so it is rich, good moisturizer, but i don't like the scent.

beauty credit coenzyme Q10
same like tony moly, i'm not familiar with beauty credit and this is my first. i read on the net that coenzyme Q10 is one of their popular product. It smells just like regular cosmetic brand in the market., nothing special. the serum itself, i like the texture of this serum. in fact the texture is just the way i like it for serum. creamy but light, absorb easily, and good moisturizer.

Missha all around safe block soft finish sun milk spf 50+
SPF 50+ ??!! wow. i wish i knew this product 10 years ago when i was still in school and used to swim on sunday! lol. anyway.. i forgot when was the last time i have sun block! ever since i was in college, office, i always choose make up base or foundation with spf, until now that i use bb cream everyday. i just can't be bother to put another sun block cream. back to this cream, i was surprised that the texture is soo watery. what i remember sun block texture is a thick cream. or nowadays all sun block texture like this? anyway, it is watery, so it absorbed easily. very light scent, almost no scent for me. i used this before my bb cream, and it was just ok.nothing special

Missha cream
what cream? seriously, i don't know the name of this cream as nothing written in english. all korean. Ok, first impression, the scent. it smell herb, and the strong one! smells like natural medicine from herb. i don't like the smell of it. But the cream itself is quite good. just like the tony moly.not too rich, doesn't make your face oily.

The face shop arsainte eco-therapy serum and cream.
first impression, of course, the scent. o my God.. it smells weird.. i can't describe it. herb-medicine smell, but imagine the 'not nice' one? i don't know, maybe it is just me. the cream it self is not rich enough to keep me moisturized all day, and the serum is very light.
next, skin food! what i like from skin food samples is that they are big size!! not like other brand samples. with skin food samples i can use them 3 to 4 times sometimes. this 2 samples in fact i bought them. yup, for skin food samples i don't mind buying them.

skin food green tea milk cleansing foam (fresh)
what i love about skin food is the scent, how they smell wonderful and yummy! and this one is dissapointed me. first, it smells just like regular cleansing from supermarket. no green tea or milk scent at all. second, this is the first time i experienced drying effect from a cleansing foam. i read many reviews about how cleansing foam can give you some drying effect, but i never felt that way, until now i know how it felt. When i rensed with water, i can really feel my face drying, i can even hear the squeaky of my hands rubbing my face.oh no...
or is it because it is fresh type, and they have moisturizing type?

skin food black sugar mask wash off
This is my second sachet of black sugar mask wash off. First time i tried it was 2 years ago when i got it for free from my purchase. i liked it, so when i saw this on chic princessa samples folder, i just clicked buy. it smells yummy, and feels good too. my face feels so smooth and moistured after wasf off.

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