Monday, April 4, 2011

review : skin food fresh juice toner

I didn't use toner regularly until 2 years ago when my husband introduced me to skin food toner (yup, it was my husband who first bought me skin food from his business trip to china). since that i looove toner, specially korean brand. Before that, i was a fan of clinique toner. i forgot the name.. clarifying lotion something? but then when we moved to Yemen, somehow it was too harsh for my skin. my skin became more sensitive here. so i stoped and skip toner.

Ever since i tried tomato toner, that's it. now i can't live without i bought this fresh juice toner to match my fresh juice serum and cream. the smell is of course, same like the cream. fresh fruity-summer..more citrus i guess. This toner is so refreshing. for me it has a cooling effect a little bit. it was ok, but when my skin became dry it sting me, irritates me a little so sometimes i have to skip this. i prefer more moisturizing toner like skin food gold caviar toner and avocado toner.

i have been using this for 3 months and i was shock that it's not even half the bottle. wow. then it is worth of money!


Shang J. said...

It looks really nice. I always prefer natural products over anything :)

InsideOut Elle said...

I'd love to try the Fresh Juice line (sounds so yummy ^^) but it's so hard to find in the states :( I've never even seen it sold online. I'm using a skinfood toner at the moment as well and I love it :) It's the ginseng one!

galleryibu said...

how is the smell of ginseng toner? is it good?