Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haul from Al-furais

I wanted to write this post together with my last arhab haul, but then my daughter woke up and started crying, so i couldn't write another post.

Anyway, Al furais is not a beauty  store. It is a supermarket, in fact my fav one in Taiz. It is also favourite for foreigners, because they sell import food. Yup, mostly they sell food and beverages, and of course some house cleaning supplies just like other supermarket. They also have beauty corner, where they sell bath and body products and of course make up.

my haul last saturday :
 left to tright : Dulgon cream soap milk & honey, soft colors body cream in pure seduction, soft colors body cream in vanilla lace,garnier fructis oil replacement, vatika cactus enrich hair oil, banana leaf hair crystal ginseng formula
i'm so excited trying this product. as you can see, there is a real ginseng inside the bottle.cooolll... can't wait to try this one!!

i want to write about all beauty products i found here in yemen. i hope i have time to write today or soon..

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Lina Kim ♥ said...

never seen one in local market here but it looks promising enough ^^