Sunday, April 3, 2011

review : skin food fresh juice c cream

i know, i have this posted already here, together with the toner and serum, but as i told you before, that was only after less than a month of using. i left the set as i thought it wasn't good and moisturize enough for winter.

Now i finished the cream after 2-3 months using. well,i didn't finish all actually.. my daughter helped can read the story here.
The packaging comes with a plastic jar. i was wondering why it is plastic, not a glass jar like vita c cream. this is more expensive, the range of fresh juice so stand out, this should come in glass jar or pump bottle.
what's written in packaging:
a skin lightening cream with vita c fruit complex and nano-engineered vitamin c derivative. Adds radiance and vitality to dull skin.

the cream itself, it's a gel texture. not too thick, so it's easy to apply and it absorbs quickly. i can't show you the picture of the cream because it is finish!! hehe
it claims as a whitening product. I don't actually believe in words or promises of "whitening". i do believe in "lightening" or "brightening". "whitening" seems impossible, since it is genetic. But lightening or brightening is more is how you feel when you have a full day, tired, dull skin, then you put a great mask, and somehow your face "shining". And i don't really need whitening effect, as my skin is yellow-javanese tone, ot they call it "kuning langsat", and i am happy with it. i bought this because sometimes i feel my face look dull, specially after i went out. Yemen is sooo dusty. even i washed my face, sometimes it still looks dull. So i decided to choose this fresh juice line. I was happy with skin food tomato line so i thought this would make me happy too.

the fact is... for me, not as good as skinfood tomato cream. tomato cream is more creamy, more moisturizing, so i guess for my face creamy type is better than gel type. this cream also not enough for this very dry country. sometimes after 2 hours i can see dry flakes.. arrrgggghhh. from skin food, i have tried tomato cream, gold caviar cream, and this fresh juice cream. for me, this one is the last on the rank.

The jar contains 50 gr. as you can see above, the cream is finish while the toner is not even a half way!! and i always use them together!! maybe that's why you should also buy the emulsion with the same size as toner, and just use the cream at night. I knew this would happen, so i bought vita c cream to use after this one finish. but what can i do.. my daughter dipped her fingers into both jars.

however, the smell is nice, fruity-summer scent. a little bit similar with etude house moistfull range.
After i finish this cream, i don't see any whitening effect, of course. Brightening? no,not really. Overall, this product is just ok, nothing special, and i will not repurchase.
Maybe if you live in a hot, humid country like indonesia, this will work. yeah, maybe i should have tried this one when i was in Jakarta. Or maybe it will be good for summer.

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