Wednesday, April 13, 2011

L'oreal elseve re-nutrition night hair serum

today i'm gonna write my first review of hair product! I have 3 hair-creams/serum at this time, and this is my fav.

what's written on the bottle:
innovation enrich with royal jelly
royal jelly, a rare and precious natural ingridient, is a balanced complex with an exceptional concentration of combined elements (glucids, lipids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins,oligo-elements).
for the first time, the L'oreal laboratories have incorporated royal jelly in a caring leave-in night serum with a fluid texture. it bathes the hair in nourishing ingridients overnight, without weighing it down. when you wake up, your hair feels intensively replenished and revitalised.

proven result: bouncy, silky hair. as you awake, rediscover the sensation of bouncy and incredibly silky hair.feeling full of life, your hair regains suppleness.

directions for use : apply 1 to 2 pumps of night serum throughout your hair when it's dry or damp, before you go to bed.its fluid and non-greasy gel cream texture melts instantly into your hair to intensely nourish without heaviness. no need to won't mark your case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

My review :
I got this on my last holiday in Jakarta. It's available in most of supermarket. L'oreal has this range of royal jelly; shampoo, conditioner, and night serum. I bought all of them, but i wasn't really impressed with the shampoo and conditioner, they were just so-so, nothing special, so i just left them in Jakarta, and i took the serum with me. I used to buy some stocks of creambath creams that i ordered from the net, but last time we were so busy that i forgot to order them. I was hoping that this would save my hair from all the damage (hair dryer, not friendly weather. etc).

the product itself, the texture remind me of etude house sleeping pack. gel-cream type.
the scent, well.. it's kinda weird. when i sniff from the pump, it smells just like cosmetic products. but once i pump into my hand, then my hair, it smells.. sour. Sour? lol.well, at first i couldn't compare to anything to describe the scent, now i know.. it smells like eggs!! yup, i feel like i put an egg on my hair. haha, i know, i am bad describing the scent of it, but for sure it doesnt smell fruity, floral, herb or anything nice.

First time i tried this serum, at night, of course, as the name is night serum. i didn't like it. it made my hair oily, and i just don't like to go to bed with an oily hair. i thought, maybe i applied too much, because it supposed to absorbs and melts into hair like it's written on the bottle. i tries again the next night, other nights, still it didn't absorbs or melts into my hair. my hair was greasy, oily, and i didn't feel any effects. so i left it in my drawer.

For months..maybe 6 months? i forgot that i have this product. Then my hair started getting dry. The weather in Yemen is not so friendly. even my daughter's hair is getting dry too. Yemeni women love hair oil products when their hairs become dry. but i can't imagine apply an oil-type product to my hair. my hair is thin, not thick like their hairs. anyway... i looked into my drawer to find some hair products, and i found this.
Then i started using this in different way. I didn't use this as a night serum. i use this in the morning. as i woke up, i apply this to my hair, then start to make breakfast, eat, take my daughter to shower, then time for me for shower, the moment water rinse this serum, i can feel my hair sooo soft and smooth. then i apply shampoo and conditioner. Now i am impressed.

so now i use it before shampoo.. it's like a conditioner for me, but use it before shampoo, not after. this product save me these days. i can really feel the difference if i apply or i don't apply this serum.I almost finish this product, when it is finish i will look in the market here in yemen. i hope it is available here. i am not sure.

other hair treatment products i have tried that i like is makarizo hair texture. it is like a creambath cream. i tried coffee cinnamon, and not just it smells wonderful, but also it worked good! i just googled the image as i finished mine loooong ago.

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