Sunday, April 24, 2011

Haul from Arhab part 1-> beauty product

I have been wanting to write about shopping or products in Yemen, but somehow i always got busy or distracted, and until now i didn't write yet. besides i still have soo many beauty products to try and review.
anyway, yesterday i went out for shopping. On the way to grocery store, i stopped by in "Arhab", it is a 2-storey shop for ladies, they are selling make up, perfumes, beauty products, bags, shawl/hijab, accessories, and fancy jewelries (not gold). it is one of my fav shop here in Yemen. I used to come here to buy gifts for my family in Indonesia, but yesterday i went there to shop for my self.
 beauty products i bought..

for my hair, i bought garnier color naturals by nutrisse in black, and as i asked the seller to give me this, he offered me Katrina, the one in green sachet. this is new product, he said. it is a shampoo coloring. Ha? yup, i got confused at first, thank God there is english written in the packaging, it said, " a new breakthrough in dyeing. Perfect color will be presented after shampoo" hmmmm.. ok, it sounds cool, so i just took one sachet.
at home, i checked this item, o ow.. the instruction at the back is in a problem anyway, since i can always ask my hucband for a translation, and thank God there is a picture on how to use it, and it seems really just like you apply shampoo.
the next item i bought for my hair is L'oreal elvive nutri-gloss intensive shine masque. I finished my l'oreal serum, and i need some other treatment for my hair. It said shine masque, but from the directions it seems like any other conditioner. apply after shampoo, wait for 1 minute, rinse. well, i hope it is good product.
next, i bought lip gloss, eyeshadow pencil, lip care, and nose pore strips.
the first lip gloss is M.n splendid honey lip gloss. i don't know this brand, never heard of it, and there is no explenation on the lip gloss, not even written where it
the second lip gloss, VOV. really? wow, i was surprised that i found vov here in yemen.
then i bought eye shadow pencil and lip care vanila. i like the eye shadow pencil. it has 2 colors, gold brown and pink-maroon.I think they are made in turkey, i recocnize from the language written on the back of packaging, it is written in turkish. but i don't know about this brand before.
wait. i just checked the website. it is started in Milan, but then the production moved to turkey, and the distribution is all accross the europe and middle east. they have some other interesting products too. too bad that they don't have a store here in Taiz. They have 1 in Sana'a
the other item is skin doctors nose pore strip. it is like biore nose pore strip, but since there is no biore here i just bought any brand available for nose pore strips

That's it for beauty products i bought in Arhab. i will post part 2 haul from Arhab soon.


Lovely CosMe said...

Now I know what you meant on your prev.comment on my blog about cosmetic in yemen :)
As for Katrina:we have that similar product(shampoo coloring),but it's made from noni fruit.I know this bcoz my mum sells it,hehehe ^^v..
p.s:lipglossnya merknya apa?

galleryibu said...

yang sebelah kiri merk M.n ha? M.n? seriously, i have no idea..hahaha.. the 2nd one is VOV..

Lovely CosMe said...

Dari mana itu?made in turkey kah?(si M.n ini)
Kalo lip carenya merk apa?aku suka liat yg ga biasa gini,di indo ga ada soalnya^^..

Is there no local yemeni cosmetic brand?