Thursday, January 31, 2013

Face mist review : Innisfree originated lavender Moisture mist

I like using mist before make up and to carry in my bag, to use everytime i feel like i need some refreshment. That's why i always have at least one mist with me (normally i have 2. one to stand by on my dressing table and one inside my bag). For the cheap option of mist, i like local brand, Mustika ratu face mist. But last time when i ordered innisfree lavender range, i saw they also have mist so i thought, why not try the mist too..

This is information from the net (
This is my lavender mist
First, the packaging.. it's a 45ml plastic cpray bottle.. with a purple transparant colour bottle, it looks good, doesn't look cheap.. but.. as you can see on the picture.. i lost the cap. The cap is suck.. it didn't close and stuck well.. it's like a little bit loose. I lost the cap many many times. Everytime i put it inside my bag whenever i checked the bottle always seperated with the cap..until one day i just lost it.
The spray.. with a super iny hole.. so it will produce very fine mist. in fact too fine.. sometimes i need to spray like 7 times spray on my face..!! ..because i just didn't feel it I didn't feel the watery mist and need more and more..
the scent.. yup, there's a hint of lavender smell. it's nice and calming scent, remind me of spa product or aromatherapy. But not too strong or overpowering scent.

The effect of the mist?
well, first it freshen up for sure. I like to apply this before primer or bb cream to add extra moisturizer and dewy effect. I also like to use it when i was out and needed some refreshment.. I tried to spray this when my skin was drying, but didn't really help to fix the dryness. well, maybe only the first 5 minutes and then the effect was gone.

overall, it's just so so product for me.. well it's only a mist anyway.. something that i would like to try many from other different brand.. not something to be loyal to.. lol. Now i really want to try tony moly pocket bunny mist because of the cute bunny packaging!

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