Sunday, January 6, 2013

etude house travel set preview

Now you know how i love travel set and i always hunting from them :). currently i've been trying skin food travel set and i'm almost finish with skin food set, now it's time for.. etude house!! This is what i got :
i have 4 of them..
moisturizing & peeling skincare kit (moistfull series)

aqua cure travel kit
aloe moistfull kit
and the latest from etude house.. skin mal:gam trial kit

so..have you tried any of this line? it's still cold season here and the weather is dry. which one i should try firt??


Xiao Vee said...

aqua cure beli dmn itu? o.o itu kan udh lama banget discontinue..hehe

galleryibu said...

haha..iya emang yang moistfull & aqua cure dari haul tahun lalu belum sempet dicobain :( beli online..dimana juga lupa..doooh