Saturday, January 19, 2013

Powder pact review : skin79 skinny mirror pact

Actually i have this pact since like more than a year ago.. i know i knowww... a very late review.. hohoho.. That time i was looking for a new powder pact to replace my skin food lettuce cucumber pact.. i was browsing and found you can guess why i chose this right? hehehe yup... one of the reason was the cute packaging! look at that picture above.. and this picture below..
When other pact are conventional, just flip to open and close, this one you can rotate the mirror as you like... and it's skinny size and model, it looks like a phone..And what i like more about this is that when i have this i don't have to bring another small mirror. i used this as a mirror to go. i don't have to flip open the pact because the mirror is actually on the outside side, not inside like other pact. so when i needed to apply lipstick, for example, or just checking my face, i just used this.
ok well, let's see more...
what's this pact offer?
well, you can see the information on the first picture.. just click to view larger..
to make it short, this pact powder offer spf 22 sun protection, smooth and natural result, and sebum control

so this is what it looks like.. simple, skinny, with a mirror on the outside packaging.. not inside.. well, there is a mirror inside too but not as clear as the one outside

look how it rotate... to open the pact you can rotate it, or flip it open like regular pact
this is how it looks like when it's open.. i used to apply the powder like this..

 the shade i have is #21, the lighter shade..
i tried to make swatch on my hand but as i took a picture it didn't show so i just swipe with my powder brush and this is what i got..
Normally i chose no #23 from korean brand, but at that time it wa sonly this shade available and i'm glad that it's good for me too, not too light. in fact it's kind of perfect shade!
now to the product..
first, the scent.. it claims to have a hint of floral scent. i was curious so i sniffed the powder.. well, i douldn't smell any floral at all.. it just smells like normal talk.. no floral or any other sweet scent.
it comes with a small squere sponge powder applicator which is smooth and nice to use. But for more natural finish sometimes i use my powder brush..

the performance of the powder..
it claims to create a smooth natural looking.. indeed, it is.. i like how it gave me natural finish.. not like wearing a mask or heavy make up on my face.. it's just like my skin but better look. as for the sebum control it's quite good, although not superb.. in the time when my nose became more oily i prefer to dab extra on the nose area with skinfood peach sake silky finish powder.. but in normal time or condition this pact was enough for me.
The only down side from this pact for me is that it's not good when my skin was in dryer condition.. i have to be careful using this because it tend to be chalky and the result was not smooth. i needed extra moisturiser or very good moisturizing base/bb cream before applying this pact or else it would be chalky and show my dry skin (sometimes dry flakes) even more.. But when i applied this with powder brush it was better and not chalky..

i like this pact.. in fact this is my pact to go that i always have it inside my bag. it's like for my touch up pact.. it's been more than a year but still not finish because i didn't use it everyday.. i only use this powder to touch up when i'm not home.. but when i'm home i prefer loose powder.
As long as my face normal or normal combination, not dry, this pact is good for me.

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Shasha said...

oh my, the packaging is beautiful! I love the wide mirror~ and the fact that, this pact works great for combination skin makes me want to try this product. Thanks for the review :)