Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peeling wash review : Etude house rub me tender bubble peeling

Some months ago i was running out of peeling after i finished my previous favourite peeling product, etude house magic bubble peeling and innisfree wine peeling. That time i had no time to search and browse reviews for peeling as the seller almost close the pre order batch.. So i was just looking for the list, and i saw this one, and since i liked etude house magic bubble peeling, i thought this one would be good to..well.. is it? let's see...

First, i like the packaging.. it's a plastic bottle with a pump.. yeayy.. i like pump packaging.. so hygienic, and at the end when the product almost finish you can just twist to open and finish the product.
and there's a safety clip too.
From the packaging :
Gel texture foams to supply gentle and moist exfoliation.
directions : after facial cleansing, apply onto facial surface and allow foam layer to form on skin surface. Gently massage for 30-60 seconds and rinse with warm water

100 ml

This is what the gel looks like.. it's thick and creamy.. now let's start to massage it
Taraaaaa.....!!!this is how it form after i massage it for some seconds... Just continue to massage your face until all that particle dried out and scrubed off of your face.. it looks good right,, but... i have to tell you something.
The scent... OMG it smells awfull. Seriously. As a fan of lovely/sweet/delicious/ scent on my skin care product, this one smells reaaallllly bad for me. I don't know what it smells like. But for me it smells bad, smells like something expired, something that turn me off right away. A scent that i have to hold my breath when i was using this.. yup.. it's that bad..
I received this in good condition, still sealed, and the manufacturing date is 2011-08 and i didn't keep it long in my drawer.. i used it after i received it, around sept 2012. so it could be the product itself, or there's ingridients that smell like that. But seriously.. the smell not just bad but strong.. i really want to hear comment from others who tried this one if they think the same way.

ok now to the result..
after finish massage the gel and scrub off everything, the result is my face became softer and smooth to touch.. but not as smooth as etude house magic bubble peeling, so etude house magic bubble peeling still definetely won over this. it's just like any other facial scrub i guess, not too special..

my conclusion..
it could be quite good alternative for me but i can't stand the scent. i even decided to just toss it aside and not using it but turn out i don't really have other peeling products :( so no option for me.. i should just use this while holding my breath during application :). and no, i will not repurchase this because of the scent..

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