Sunday, January 13, 2013

mask sheet review : Baviphat juicy mask sheet grape & my beauty diary aloe mask

So these are 2 mask sheet products i use this last 2 weeks. Normally i only used mask sheet every 3 weeks and using wash off pack/mask in the other 2 weeks, but lately my skin has been drying with some dry flakes (euuuggghhh) and some redness so i was using mask sheet 2 weeks in a row (once a week).Well, there's no other better time to test out a mask sheet than when you have some trouble on your face right.. so here we go..

First i'll start with Baviphat juicy mask sheet in grape
I bought this from chic-princessa, my fav online seller who sell variety of ready stock cosmetic and skin care products, for Rp.14.000. This grape variant is for lifting and bright purpose, as written on the packaging. And this is some extra information from the net (from ebay, after googling)

My experience with baviphat juicy mask sheet grape :
First, it smells lovely and sweet. i couldn't smell grape in it, but i could smell a little hint of candy smell? The size of the mask sheet is fit to my face, not too big (some mask sheets are too big too my face that it could end up with many folds of the mask on my face), this one ended up good on my face. It is so watery, and there's some more liquid left in the packaging that you can apply or massage on your face after you are done with the mask.
When i used this mask, my face felt dryer than usual, maybe because of the dry weather too here, and i started to spot some dry flakes on my cheek, forehead and upper nose.. uh ohh... my face is getting dry.. So at night i applied this mask. During the waiting time, there's no uncomfortable, itchy or something i felt, so it was good. i left it for 15 minutes and checked, the mask still not drying and still good so i continued until 20 minutes or so, then removed it.
The result...?
i felt my face hydrated, thanks for this dry flakes..but too bad the effect didn't last long. until the next day my face still good and hydrated but the next other day my face started tp get dry again. well i guess in this case when my face need extra care i should apply the mask twice a week. There is also refreshing effect and the skin felt firm to touch, which i like. As the brightening effect, i didn't see much. But it's ok and overall i like this mask. With the affordable price like that, i would definetely buy more variants of this mask.

next is.. my beauty diary aloe mask
I bought this also from chic-princessa for Rp.14.000. my stock is almost finish so maybe next march or april i will have to nuy more of my beauty diary mask sheet. As you might know, my beauty diary mask sheet is one of my fav mask sheet and i've been trying many variants before. This time is aloe! This is the information i got from google;
a week after using baviphat juicy mask sheet, my face get dry again, this one even worse, i got some redness on my cheek, and near mouth area, that sting a little bit when i put emulsion or lotion. it's like a sun burn but not that worse.and some dry flakes to that looks like the skin peeling... ouuuuccchhh. Around 2 or 3 years ago, i found the "magical" of aloe. Ever since i lived in Yemen, there are some time like this (normally during winter) that my face gets so dry, dryflakes and redness, and i found out that the cure is products containing aloe vera. Years ago i found the cure in skin food bb cream aloe and another year before i remember i also used something with aloe vera to cure this problem. So this time, it's a good time to test the magic of aloe again.
When i put the mask on my face, at first there was this sting sensation, which is normal at this time since i got some redness on my face, but thank God it was only the first minute and after that it was gone. i waited for 20 minutes and checked, still good, not drying. still sooo hydrating. so i even continue waiting until 30 minutes Then i removed it and checked on the mirror. voila!!! OMG, the redness was gone!! the dry flakes also gone.. My face looked "normal" !! i was so happy that it cured the redness burn-like on my face. and i could still feel the effect until the next 2or 3 days.. i think the 3rd days the dryness was back. the redness a little but not as bad as before using this mask. oh i wish i have more stock of this...The other effect is also refreshing, fully hydrated and moisturised.
so overall, i like this mask. it worked good as a cure for my dry-sensitive-need extra care skin. i should stock up this mask for SOS time like this.

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Like this mask very much <3