Sunday, January 6, 2013

shopping & haul review : Zinati

Around a month ago i spotted this new store in the city, named zinati. from outside so obvious that it's a one stop shopping for beauty products. so last week when i had a chance i visited it. From the plastic bag i got, it seems like it's a branch store from jeddah. maybe it's like watson but in middle east. well, i was excited enought to see the various range of beauty products from shampoo, shop, make up, beauty tools, beauty bags.. all that stuff, from brand all around the world. and i was happy to see some familiar brand like l'oreal and garnier. Yup. it's hard to find l'oreal products here. only in one or other 2 places i know. the cosmetic part is also interesting, although i don't recognize the brand.

anyway.. now i'll just show you stuff i bought there;
stretchmark cream - body scrub - body wash - garnier eye roll on

right now i'm using this 2 garnier eye roll on.. i will try to use it for a month then write a review.

so.. that's it for my short haul review..

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