Monday, April 16, 2012

hair care review : makarizo texture experience black chocolate shampoo and conditoner

I started using Makarizo texture experience shampoo and conditioner since almost 2 years ago. I have tried 4 variants so far ; cinnamon coffee,strawberry yogurt, vanilla milk, and then lately this one, black chocolate. there are still 2 other variants; green tea butter and mint sorbet, i have both too, but still in my drawer, not open yet. So, from the variants i mentioned above, you can see why i like this shampoo and conditioner. Yes, of course it's because the yummy name, which means also yummy, sweet, delicious scent. All variants i've tried, they really smell just like the name. i enjoy my time in shower more because of the nice scent!

so, what is this black chocolate shampoo and conditioner?
From makarizo indonesia website, this is the description of black chocolate:

MAKARIZO Texture Experience "Black Chocolate" diperkaya ekstrak Cocoa yang diformulasi untuk mencegah kerusakan rambut dengan mengontrol tingkat kelembaban kulit kepala.
Prevent hair damaged & control scalp moisture level.

My experience with makarizo black chocolate shampoo and conditioner:
first, it smells chocolate. yeaaayy.. but not too chocolate or real yummy chocolate to eat, it's just a chocolate artificial scent :( and it reminds me of my childhood, i tried to remember i couldn't.. i knew when i was a kid i have something smell similar like this. was it a soap, toys, cookies? i tried to think back to remember... wait. i remember a little just now as i'm writing this!! it smells like a sticker with a scent..if you were born around 1980-1990 maybe, you will now it. when i was a little, maybe in elementry school, there was this sticker (it was the era of sticker collection) that when you rub it, you wil get the aroma just like the picture in the sticker. and i love the chocolate one. yup, this shampoo smells just like that chocolate sticker. the conditioner smells similar with the shampoo.

next, the texture. the shampoo is clear with light brown colour, quite thick and easy to form bubble, while the conditioner.. oh my God.. the colour... it's like a blood or betadine! yukkksss.... i will show you the picture of shampoo and conditioner
left : shampoo right: conditioner
you see the conditioner on the right? sooo spooky! and the worst is when it's on the bathroom floor, it looks like blood!! and every after shower i have to look around to make sure there is no stain from this conditioner that will make my bathroom look like there's blood in it. rrrrrrggggghhhhhhh...... sorry if i make you gross with this conditioner.
anyway, the texture of conditioner is light creamy, like lotion. i need lots of the product to cover all my hair, plus it's not rich enough for conditioner.


conditioner :

next, the result.
heemmm... it was ok. nothing too special. the shampoo cleans my hair well, but the conditioner didn't help much for my dry hair. still at the end of the day my hair get tangled and dry at the end.both products give a nice scent, but the scent doesn't stay long in my hair. less than a day. just so so, i guess. what i don't like and make me won't buy this again is the colour of the conditioner...with a chocolate name it should be brown-yummy chocolate colour, not bloody red! anyway, comparing to other makarizo texture experience shampoo and conditioner, i must say that this one is the worst. i think my favourite from makarizo is the vanilla milk. or cinnamon coffee..hehe.. can't choose one.

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