Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Face soap review : Baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap in jasmine

Time for another cute stuff!!
it's Baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap! yup, i bought several egg soap from my last year purchase. holika holika egg soap, tony moly egg soap, and this baviphat egg soap. there are 3 variants, if i'm not mistaken, which is lavebder (purple), green tea (green) and jasmine (yellow). I wanted to buy the lavender one but at that time it wasn't available and the seller offered this one instead. as you all might now, egg soap is targeted to oily skin or skin with large pores. so, let's take a look this cute egg..
look at the packaging and the shape, just like an egg! what i like first thing about this soap, even before try it, is that it come with this plastic container egg shape, unlike holika holika and tony moly soap. Holika holika and tony moly soap comes with carton packaging, which you can't put them in your bathroom, so you have to prepare a small container to keep them.
voila! open the plastic container, here comes the egg!
this is the plastic container. when the soap is finish, what can i use this for? hemmmm i could give it to my daughter, as she likes to play pretending cooking, baking, etc. or i could use this to store some small accessories like pin, ring? hemmm.. any idea?

and this is the soap. the size is like a real egg with a pale yellow colour. the moment i opened the plastic container, i could smell the jasmine scent straightaway. yup, the scent is quite strong!

my experience with baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap 

Based on my experience with holika holika and tony moly egg soap, this kind of soap will give me that squeeky clean feel and could dry my skin sometimes. so i thought this would be similar like that.
well, first i tried to make a foam with it buy rubbing it between my hand with water, and it's easy to make foam or bubble with this soap. then i massage gently on my face, it felt smooth and moisturised during that step. then when i wash it off with water, the squeeky began. i could feel and even hear my skin make that squeky sound. it cleans well, although i'm not sure if it's good to remove make up too. but i think this soap is good as your second step cleansing after your cleansing lotion/milk/cream/oil.

next, after finish washing my face, i'm glad that i didn't feel my skin getting dry or tight. But i have to put toner and moisturizer straight away. if i didn't, my face will get dry. anyway, the good thing is,after using this soap i felt my nose area tighten, not bumpy with pores. and then after some days, i started using etude house mini size u pore astringent and serum. and somehow they are good together! like this soap and etude house skin care complete each other and maximize the result for each other! after cleansing my face with this soap, continue with etude house mini size u pore astringent and serum, voila!!! my face very smoooooth, can't feel those large pores, specially during the night. when i tried to pair etude house with cleansing oil, the result is different!! but this egg soap with etude house mini size u pore, i got great result!

what i don't like about this soap is that the jasmine strong is too strong, and the scent changed during foaming and massaging on my face. from jasmine changed to weird soapy smell. Other than that, everything else are good. it could last long i guess, it's cheap, great result, specially if you continue with skin care for oily or pore care.

my conclusion, so happy to anounce this, this is the best egg soap comparing to holika holika and tony moly egg soap!! yeaaaaayyy! not a perfect soap for everybody though. i think this is good for oily skin only. for dry skin, i think this will make your skin feel dry and tight.


Sands said...

Hi there! I'm so jealous of you! you know, just recently I feel like I wanted to be a full time housewife just like you, spending time with your daughter all the time (I don't have any, yet :) and still actively blogging about cosmetics and skin care. I'm a working woman and a wife to my man, nice to meet u!

galleryibu said...

hi sands,thanks for stopping by and drop a comment.nice to meet u too. i'm reading your blig now :)