Tuesday, April 10, 2012

mask review : Baviphat juicy mask sheet strawberry

This is my first mask sheet from Baviphat. For the last 2 years i have been using my beauty diary mask sheet, trying all variants available, just simply because it's cheap. so when i saw one of the seller sell this item with the same price with my beauty diary. i bought 2 to try out.
the packaging is cute, not like any other mask sheet with square shape packaging, this one comes with a jug/juice bottle shape. Last night i tried the strawberry one, which the target is for pore&trouble.
my experience with Baviphat juicy mask sheet strawberry;
First, the shape of the mask is not too big or too small, but also not a perfect fit for my face, but still ok. the scen is strawberry, but not too yummy or fresh smell. maybe a little bit too artificial smell for me, and after some minutes the smell dissapeared.

So after washing my face i put this mask on and lay down on the bed, enjoying me-time, feeling the mask giving me this cold-nice-moisturised feeling. From the picture on the back of pachaging, i should put this on for 15-20 minutes. it was all good, no uncomfortable feeling, only just before 20 minutes, maybe aroung 18-19 minutes, i started feeling itchy all over my face. so i just took it off my face and massage my face with the leftover liquid from the mask.

the result,fresh and brighten look. my face looks whiter. and reaaallllly fresh. no tired, dull face. but too bad, the result is temporary only, not last long until the next day. But overall, i still like it and i don't mind buying more to try other variants. the only think i don't like is the itchy at the end of 20 minutes. maybe i should just put it on for 15 minutes before it gets itchy.
i can't tell for other effect of this mask, well, its target is for pore and trouble, but i think i need to use this regularly to see result for that.


Nona Paula said...

this masks from Baviphat are so good, I use it too but pomegranate one, after I use this mask, I continue using sleeping pack before I sleep, the next day, my skin felt so bright, moist and fresh

Joana said...

seems nice, I think I'll try them. I saw the packaging and thought it wasn't a sheet mask because it was so weird, but I guess it actually was :)