Monday, April 23, 2012

Mask review : VOV daily fresh multi vita egg peel off pack

Two days ago i tried this cute peel off mask from VOV. I tried it before sleeping, and i just put the packaging on the side of my table, the next morning, it was gone!my maid threw it away! she thought it's a garbage. well, actually there is some product left there i was planning to use for my nose area. hehe..well, that's why i will just make this a short post, and i can't show you the picture of the max texture. Even the picture above i just searched on google.

anyway, this is a peel off type mask, and it's an egg, which is good for your pores or oily skin. Lately i noticed more white heads and bigger pores on my nose. So i switched my skin care to etude house mini size u pore (review coming on next week or after i finish it), and this would be a good time to try this mask!
First, the packaging is cute, looks like a sheet mask packaging. the texture is very very thick with transparant colour. My note is, make sure you use a headband and tie back your hair, because it could be messy if your hair stick to your face.

so, i applied evenly on my face, wait 15-20minutes until dry or you think it's ready to peel off. Result? Great! i could see some white heads from my nose stick to the mask. i was surprised with that. it's better than the face shop and baviphat mud nose pack, both have same type and purpose-for pores, peel off type (review coming up, still want to see more result from those 2 products). and this vov mask is better in taking off those whiteheads on my nose. so i'm happy!! if only they have this in a tube or big bottle, i would buy it.

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Yuri said...

Oh I have one too, but havent got the chance to review it yet! Reading your review makes me want to try mine too :)