Sunday, April 15, 2012

skin care sample review : Baviphat miracle snail cure toner and emulsion

SNAIL? yes, snail. i love snail, as in escargot dish in a french restaurant. Now snail for my skin care? rrrrr... i always love skin care with yummy, sweet delicious scent like honey, peach, strawberry, banana, kiwi, tea, lavender..even chocolate or coffee. but snail? yeah, definitely not yummy type for skin care right? well, i got this one as a gift, so nothing to lose for me to try.

I know, snail in skin care is booming right now. if last year was an egg invasion in korean skin care, this year is snail!! not just for skin care, even for bb cream! last year when i made an order for korean cosmetic, snail was not booming like these days, so i didn't order even a sample for it. if i knew back then, i would ask for sample of snail skin care from all korean cosmetics company, not just baviphat. and then lately i read lots of reviews about this snail in skin care that supposed to bring some cure and miracle effect. but i think etude house darling snail cream and tony moly snail skin care are the most popular. I couldn't find any review about baviphat snail toner and emulsion, i only found some reviews about baviphat snail mask.

anyway,let's see how this baviphat miracle snail cure toner and emulsion look likes..
The packaging for the full size bottle of baviphat miracle snail cure toner (pictures random from google). the emulsion has the same packaging with the toner.

and this is what i got as a sample gift
a very tiny bottle.. only for 1 week.or maybe less? i got 2 toner and 1 emulsion.

what is this product anyway? i searched on google and i got this information from ebay seller ;


The combination of Snail Secretion Filtrates (25%) which give back the stability to unbalanced troubled skin caused by stress and irritaion, and peptides which are effective for skin elasticity tightens and fills up sagging skin. 
In addition, niacin amide brightens skin tone and supplements energy.

It is a refreshing feeling toner

The combination of Snail Secretion Filtrates (25%) which give back the stability to unbalanced troubled skin caused by stress and irritaion, and peptides which are effective for skin elasticity tightens and firms up sagging skin. 

In addition, Centella Asiatica extract and allantoin help skin regeneration and gives nutrition to the skin.
It is a moistness lasting emulsion.
my experience with Baviphat miracle snail cure toner and emulsion
First time i opened the cap, i sniffed to check the scent. well, it's snail! i need to make sure that it smells ok. hehe.. thank God, there is no weird scent. it smells just like any other cosmetics or drug store skin care. there is a light sweet scent in fact. 
the toner texture is just like any other toner, liquid and the colour is clear. it was refreshing and not sticky. it's a type of toner i like, minus the sweet yummy scent. no break out.
the emulsion texture is very light lotion. at first i thought it's too light and won't give me enough moisturizer. turned out that although it was very light, it was rich and kept my face moisturised day and night. 
  the first day i used both toner and emulsion, at night i was shocked to see sooo many white heads on my nose. this is weird because it was just the night before i applied the face shop black head nose clay mask, and normally my nose will stay clean for the next 2-3days, but on the day i applied this skin care for the first time, all those white heads came out again on my nose, arrrgggghhh... what's this? is it because this emulsion? well, it's very rich moisturiser that makes my nose more oily than usual.. is it because of that?
but anyway.. it was only the first day. the next days it was ok, no more white heads after i pluged out those whiteheads with biore nose pack on that first day. As i told you before, this small bottle only last for a week or last, maybe 6 days for me? do you want to know the effect of this miracle snail cure?
well, on the 3rd day, i could see my skin looks better, specially in the morning. using this at night is like using a sleep mask everyday. in the morning when i woke up, i got this same effect like using sleeping mask. a soft, brighter good look skin. nice, right. so maybe for me it's good to use this at night only, not a day light. 
in conclusion, it's like 50-50. i like the rich moisturizer in it, i like the effect i got every morning i woke up, but i don't like how it make my nose more oily and the fact how it effected my nose and those whiteheads, and the last is.. the price. all the snail skin care are expensive!! i wanted to try other snail skin care like etude house or tony moly, but when i checked the price, wooooaaa... so expensive specially comparing to other korean skin care. so, i don't know, maybe if i have more budget i will buy. what do you think? should i buy more snail skin care? 


sell my house said...

This product is realy good for skin.sell my house

'Nthea said...

i just tried a sample of Baviphat Miracle Cure Snail Cream... Superb!
i accidentally scratch myself on my nose while sleeping last tuesday. i tried applying other rich creams & mask sheets, but doesn't help at all. on friday night, i tried applying the sample cream & Walah! on Sat am, the wound seemed to heal alot! no more pain, half of the dried blood dropped off & the underneath skin seems healed! so i applied again on sat am, aft cleansing. on sat night, aft showers, my nose is fully healed!
my hubby saw the miracle healing power of the cream & decided to also apply on his recent pimple scar (about 1 month old) on Sat night. & when he wakie on Sun am, after cleansing, we can both see the effects once again! His big pimple scar reduced in size! WOW!
now i am searching online, hoping to find a Baviphat shop in Sg, but no avail. Read another post saying there's a Baviphat shop in KSL City, Malaysia. I'm so gonna go get my miracle cream soon!

galleryibu said...

' it's nice to hear this product gave miracle to ur skin.i just wish they have sale for this as the snail products are expensive :)