Saturday, April 28, 2012

skin care review : etude house mini size u pore gift set

This is an old line of etude house pore care line, but i just got a chance to try it now. i was waiting until winter end. On winter my skin gets dry so i chose moisturized skin care line. Now that summer is coming my skin started getting oily with large pores on my nose and chin area. so i thought this is the time to use this etude house. As for the cleansing soap i chose baviphat sugar girl egg soap (you can read the review on my previous post).

Anyway, this line i bought the gift set only. mini size u astringent 20 ml and mini size u pore smoother serum 15 ml. the package also comes with a pack of cotton pad.
so, this is some information about this product line i got from internet;

Minisize U is an aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented rice wine sediment to nourish and tighten pores.

Minisize U Pore Refresh Astringent removes embedded residues with moisturizing and cooling properties.

Active Ingredients: Fermented Rice Wine Lees and Xylitol

I also found out that this line has been replaced with the new line, wonder pore. same target. so, if you are interested, don't look for this line but the new wonder pore or good bye pore ever line.

now let's jump to the review

etude house mini size u astringent
it comes with this small spray bottle. nice packaging. i can use it when it finish. just refill with a facial water or face mist, put in the bag to go.

This is my first time using astringent, so i googled on how to use it. i thought it would be the same like toner, pour on cotton pad first than tap/apply on the face. But since it comes with a spray bottle, i was wondering if i could just spray it directly to my face. turned out i was right, the way to use it just like toner, so even this one comes with spray, i should spray it to the cotton pad first then apply it on my face.

so, how is it? the texture is light and not sticky. it smells ok, nothing special. like a citrus hint but not really strong. the astringent is so refreshing, and i like the tightening effect on my nose after i applied this toner. But if you have sensitive skin i think this could sting you a bit. This astringent is good for oily skin and large pore area.

etude house minisize u pore smoother serum
the serum comes in this small 15ml tube. only serum, no emulsion? no cream? i was wondering why there is no emulsion in the package. or is it because there is no emulsion for this line?
the texture is very light runny lotion. when i first applied it on my face, i felt it a little hard to absorbs in my skin. it took some time to fully absorb i guess. but anyway, it did smooth my face. that's why maybe they named it smoother serum, because it really did smooth my skin after application. and the finish is like a powdery finish. like there is a powder in it.
BUT.. (yeah, a big BUT here), although it really did a great job in smoothen my face, specially nose and chin area with large pores, the oil control is not good. after 2-3 hours i felt my nose and chin oily already. i thought this line, which targeted to minimize pores supposed to be good for oil control too. but it's not!

anyway, it's a good serum and primer if you want smooth silky finish. as for the not so good oil control, you can dab some oil control powder on your face. as for me, after this serum and bb cream, i aplied skin food peach sake silky finish powder on my nose and chin using a foundation brush (yup. a foundation brush. i tried using powder brush, but since it was my nose and chin only, i found the foundation brush did a better job).

additional note :
using this line together eith baviphat sugar girl herb egg soap, the result is even better. i got even smoother-silky-nice finish. when i switched to other cleanser, the result was not as good as when i was using baviphat egg soap. so i think to get maximum result you should pair this to a cleanser with the same target; oily/large pores type cleanser.

i read some good reviews about the new line eyude house wonder pore, i really want to buy it next time :)


Anonymous said...

i really love this too. and its works very good on meee.. >.<

Thank you for the review. Love your blog and love reads ur reviews

Kissing Candy said...

It's a shame it's been discontued to make room for the Skin Malgeum line.