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Nose pack/mask review : The face shop black head ex nose clay mask ys baviphat mud pore tightening nose pack

On my last year korean skincare haul, i bought these 2 products for my nose. Yup! i have a problem with my nose. large pores and white heads, no matter how many times i peel them off with nose pack, they always come back. Since these 2 products are similar, i will review them together and compare them.
First one on the left is The face shop Black head ex nose clay mask. i think this product is quite popular among beauty bloggers as i read some good reviews before i purchased this.
The one on the right is Baviphat mud pore tightening nose pack. This one is not as popular as the face shop one, and although i found 2 or 3 reviews on Baviphat website, it's all korean so i have no idea what they were saying :)

Anyway, let's start with the face shop

the face shop Blackhead EX Nose clay mask

information about this product from (no english information on the packaging)
The Face Shop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask is a peel off mask that is designed for deep cleansing and dissolve blackheads. Contains Mulberry, Coix Seed and black rice extracts, which has anti-aging properties, leaving skin shine with healthy glow, youthful and supple.

how to use it

  • Recommended to use THE FACE SHOP Clean up Gel Toner to dissolve the blackhead.
  • Apply Nose Clay Mask to your nose with full coverage, wait 10~15 minutes for the mask to dry, peel it off and rinse your nose thoroughly with water.
  • Take appropriate amount of THE FACE SHOP Quick Tightening Cream as the final step of nose care. 
This is the texture of the mask
the texture is very very thick, and the colour is grey-ish like a mud.
speaking about texture, after awhile (maybe around 3 months), when i squeezed the product out, i was surprised.. the product changed colour!! look at the picture below :
can you believe, this is still the same product from the same tube? it transformed from that thick creamy grey colour into this gel texture with army green colour?  i was wondering, what happened...!!!!???
turned out that... i have to shake the tube first to get the texture like the picture. so i guess it's like some make up remover type that you have to shake first befire using to mix and form the products inside.
it's same thing with this face shop nose clay mask. if i didn't shake it first, it would come out as a gel texture with green colour. i tried to applied it to my nose just like that, and it took soooo long to dry on my nose, and the result is not maximum. oh yes, speaking about the result, let's see it.
this is after i peeled off from my nose. the result? i see nothing.. no white heads stuck there. in fact, all those white head still stick on my nose!!
and you know what... it hurts!! the peeling off process really hurt!
at first i thougt that ok, that's it, is's an unusefull product that will just end up sitting in my drawer until expired. but of course i didn't give up!! i tried to use it again. This time, i started to use it regularly, every 3 days. turned out that it helps to tighten and soften my nose area. so it's usefull afterall, but sometimes i still have to reach my biore nose pore pack to peel my white heads off from my nose.

Baviphat Mud pore tightening nose pack
information about this product from (no english information on the packaging)
With hazel extracts helps pore and sebum control while green tea extract soothes the skin.

Spread thinly over nose or areas with blackheads, after about 10-15 minutes, remove from the bottom up.

the texture of the mask
 As you can see from the picture above, the texture of baviphat mud pore nose pack is not as thick as the face shop. But once you spread evenly, it will stick on your nose.

Actually this one has the same kind of texture like the face shop. Sometimes you have to shake the tube first or the product inside will not mix together. once i just squeezed out from the tube and the texture was a light gel with transparrent colour, not creamy thick-white colour like it should be. But when i wanted to take a picture of this product without shaking the tube first, turned out that the product same out ok, not change texture like the face shop.

now let's see the result..
Actually the result is not too much different than the face shop. this Baviphat mud pore nose pack also not able to take out those white heads sitting on my nose. after i peeled off the mask, the white heads still there. But if i use it regularly, like twice a week or every 3 days, it smoothen and tighten the pores on my nose area. at least for 2-3 days? the different is that this one from baviphat doens't hurt like the face shop. during peeling off was smooth and it doesn't hurt. 

anyway, i will make some point about these 2 products so you can decide wether you want to buy them or not.
  • Both products are not able to take out white heads on my nose. Not like Biore nose pore pack that i can always see those white heads sticking on the mask after peeling off. i read some reviews and for some people this worked quite good and able to take out their white/black heads. so maybe it's different result to different person (or in this case i think my white heads are just to stubborn).
  • Maybe it will be good or better result if you apply some oil or cream that supposed to soften the pores before using the nose pack. i saw many products for that like etude house black head ex oil, heating gel, and holika holika also got some products for that. Maybe if you soften the nose area first then using this mask, it would be different. i dodn't know. at this time i don't have those kind of products so i couldn't try it.
  • although both the face shop and baviphat are not able to take out my white heads, both did a pretty good job in softening and tightening my nose area. well, it's clear enough as baviphat named the product "mud pore tightening nose pack" maybe it supposed to tighten only, not taking out white/black heads. 
  • for good result, use the product (either the face shop or baviphat) regularly, like twice a week. because the result is not permanent. after 2-3days i could feel my nose are not soft anymore, white heads, large pores..rrrrrggggghhh and as for me i like to switch between the face shop and baviphat every 2-3 weeks.
  • i will not repurchase bot products, but i will continue using them until i finish the tube. 
so, that's it from me. how about you? any recommendation similar product for me? specially for my nose?

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