Friday, May 18, 2012

hair care review : L'oreal Hair spa nourishing creambath

More of hair product!! After trying some makarizo hair creambath, now it's time to try other brand. This time i'm trying L'oreal hair spa nourishing creambath. Many big Salon and Spas in Jakarta using this product for their hair spa treatment. First time i tried this was in the salon near my house. i loved the smell. the smell last longer on my hair than traditional creambath. of course, it's more expensive than traditional creambath. In that Salon near my house, this L'oreal hair spa treatment cost Rp.75.000 including wash & blow dry, while for tradional creambath cost Rp.45.000.

One day i just thought, i could just buy it. why not? well, of course it won't feel the same like a treatmant in the salon where you could just sit comfortably and someone will massage your scalp, but it will save your money. Because this big tube, contains 500 ml, cost Rp.95.000-Rp.98.000. I bought it with that proce from Mayestik. You can also found this on supermarket, but the proce would be above Rp.100.000. I saw this on one of the big supermarket , it was Rp.115.000.

Anyway,  this is the information about this product.
(from packaging) :

continue your personal hair spa experience with this sensory massage service after the shampoo. The nourishing formula is based on purified water, a cationic agent and conditioningsilicone. The hair gains manageability and softness for healthy-looking hair with beautiful shine. for dual action on hair and scalp : blend this creambath with the approperiate scalp concentrate.
directions for use : blend a generous amount of the nourishing creambath with the corresponding scalp concentrate (1 capsule). apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Distribute evenly and massage throroughly into hair and scalp for 20 minutes. comb and leavr for 10 minutes using a steamer or warm towel. Rinse thoroughly and finalise treatment with the energizing scalp lotion.

the inside packaging :
there is another plastic cap to cover the cream inside.
woooppsss i almost finish the whole big tube.

the texture

it's a thick creamy texture.

My experience with L'oreal hair spa nourishing creambath
Actually when i bought this, the Guy in Mayestik who sold this offered me to buy the concentrate/serum too. But  i said no. it's around Rp.8.000 or 10.000 (can't remember) for one use. so if i use this 10 times i have to buy 10? hemmm.. well that time i thought, ok let's just buy thr cream first and see if it's good to use at home.
Reading the information and direction to use from the packaging, it's quite complecated to me. massage for 20 minutes??? if it were in salon it wouls be lovely. but doing it to yourself, massage your scalp for 20 minutes, you would be tired. tried it yourself! because after 5 minutes i got tired already. hehehe.
and i don't really like the idea of having shower, wash my hair, towel dried my hair and body, applied this cream, wait, then back to shower to rinse it off. heeemmm tooooo much. For practical reason, i just applied this on my dry hair before shower, wait then rinse it off while taking a shower. But of course, i tried both ways. I also tried to do as the direction, shampoo - towe dried - wait - rinse it off.
The result ?
Niceeeee... it smells nice... and my hair sooo soft and smooth, easy to comb, felt nourished and moisturised, and the scent last quite long on my hair, until the next day. Not just me, my husband also loved it. he smelled it and he said he liked it and wanted to try. so he tried it, and after that he said he could feel the result on his hair and scalp.
Those big tub could last arounf 3 months, for 2 people! (me and my husband). i used it every week while my husband around every 2 weeks.
in conclusion, i love this product more than my previous makarizo creambath, and i will repurchase this one, in fact i will also look for the shampoo and try the shampoo.
So if you don't have time to go to Salon every week or month, you can just try this. you don't have to follow exactly the direction if you are busy. in fact you can leave it on your hair while you are doing something else like have breakfast, clean your room, anything else.


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