Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mask pack review : Nature republic fruit mousse therapy Nutrition banana Mousse Pack

Are you ready for another cute korean product?
Here i have Nature republic Fruit mousse therapy Nutrition Banana Mousse pack! woaa.. that's a long name! why it's cute? because it's different than other mask pack. it's a mousse! just like whipped cream... yummyy...
well, before i tell you my experience with this product, let me give you some information about this cutie.

Information from the packaging (yup, there's english information there)

Fruits mousse therapy is a mousse pack which revitalizes the skin with ingridients containing abundant vitamins and nutrients extracted from fresh fruits. This soft foam removes dead skin cells and helps improve skin tone and texture.
Nutrition effects for aa types of skin
This product helps remove old dead skin cells, leaving skin soft, smooth and refreshed.
After shaking the can fully, take a fair amount on to your hands, and massage with a circular motion on your clean face, avoiding eye and mouth area.leave on for about five to ten minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

What i think about this product..
First, the packaging..
it comes in this aerosol can with a shape like hair spray or small whipped cream..
the cap is plastic and easy to open, and taraaaaa...
 isn't it looks just like a whipped cream? You shake it first, and press the top and the mousse cream will come out.. niceee...

the scent..
i was hoping it will smell like sweet banana milk shake, but i don't really smell any banana flavour there.. it's more like vanilla or whippe cream smell. it smells lovely anyway, so like it.

the texture
it's moussy-whipped cream type! so cute..
look at that... looks so yummy.. it reminds me of the real whipped cream for your cappuccino or dessert treat. i thought it would be similar texture like etude house magic bubble peeling.. but it's not... it's different. if etude house magic bubble peeling will get flatten/get dry and peel when you rub it, this one will stay as a mousse mask cream type. can you imagine your face covered with whipped cream?
it will looks more less like this..
yup, of course the most important thing here is the result? welll,,, i hate to say this, because it's a cute product but...the result is almost nothing. i'm so dissapointed. no soft feeling or extra moisturized or firmer skin.The information on the packaging promised soft, smooth and refreshed. well, no soft and smooth result. refreshed? yeah, but refreshed just like after you wash your face only. nothing special, although i tried to use this continuesly every week, still it's just same. it doesn't feel like a mask pack or give a mask pack effect. it's just like a facial wash :(
so let's say that it's just cute product, Nice idea, but that's it. nothing i can praise execpt the cute mousse-cream texture.
But anyway, since it didn't give me any breakout or bad effect, i will just continue using it..


Penulis Amatir said...

so this product has no improvement effect on u...
well, nature republic is known as brand that uses many natural ingredients on their products.
Thanx for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

oh my god it looks to yummy!! i need this pack *___*