Saturday, May 26, 2012

skin care review : Baviphat pearl brightening gommage cream

To be honest, i don't know which category to put this one. is it a mask pack? peeling? At first, since i bought this, used this as my weekly treatment, until some minutes ago, i really thought it's a peeling/exfoliating product. Just when i started writing (or typing?) this review i just noticed, the word on the packaging is "cream". wait. why they named it cream? it's not a cream! so i searched on the net, and this is the information i found on ;

Pearl gommage cream for transparent and soft skin” Contains pearl extracts to brighten and soften dark and dry skin caused by excessive accumulation of dead skin cells. The cream will remove wastes from skin, and jojoba seed oil and green tea extracts will moisturize and nourish, leaving skin soft and smooth.
Directions for use
Apply evenly on dry face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas, and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Gently rub with fingertips, and rinse with lukewarm water


  • Exfoliation, cleansing, moisturizing.
  • Main Ingredients:
  • Pearl extract: transparent and moisturized skin.
  • Jojoba seed oil: smoothing.
  • Green tea extract: flexible (bouncy? elastic?) skin.
  • How to Use:
  • 1. Spread on dry face, avoiding eyes and mouth.
  • 2. After 3~5 minutes, push off excess cream with fingertips and wash with warm water.
  • Pack Size - 100ml

  • and on Baviphat website it's under "pack" category, together with other mask pack products. With the name only, plus no information in english on the packaging, people could think that it's a face cream. Well, in my case, i knew this product from there is a link to one of the customer's blog who bought this product and wrote a good review about it (sorry i didn't bookmark the link and i couldn't remember the nama of the blog). So i also got information, how to use from that blog.

    Ok enough of the background story, i'll start with the review..

    100ml comes in this bulky plastic jar packaging. The design is nothing special, not as cute as other Baviphat products. There is another plastic cap inside. No spatula included, so feel free to dip your hand in it or use spatula if you have one.

    Texture and scent
    The texture is very thick and creamy, with a light grey colour. Actually the texture and scent it similar like volcanic or clay mask.
    it's a very rich creamy peeling cream. you just need a little product for the whole face.

    How to use and result
    I used it after i washed my face and towel dried. Applied all over my fave, and started to massage gently in circular motion. normally i didn't wait 3-5minutes because i didn't like how it feel on my face when it gets dry, besides i found it easier just to massage it genly straightaway.
    During that proccess, the cream started to work as a peeling scrub. The result is more less like this:
    the result ?
    from the information on the web above..
    moisturising? check.
    cleansing? check.
    smoothing? check.
    brightening? hmmm.. only after application, not long term.
    and there is even one more thing not written there, which is firming. Yes, i also felt my skin firmer after application. and extra moisturised too. Yeaaaaayyy. i like this. it's a good one for me.  Comparing to my previous favourite peeling which is etude house magic bubble peeling, etude house gave me more smooth polish skin result, while this baviphat gave me more moisturized and firm skin. so it's up to you which one you prefer. for me, i like both! and i will look forward to try more similar product like this from etude house or baviphat.

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    Penulis Amatir said...

    Hmm... so overall u like it,
    I never try peeling cream before but u made me want to try some.
    thanx for sharing :)