Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mask review : VOV daily fresh wash off pack volcanic powder

Another VOV wash off pack variant... so far my favourite is the egg one.. now let's check this volcanic powder. Volcanic powder? hummmm i had a bad experience with volcanic based mask... rrrrrrr i wrote it on my multiply page, i don't know if i copied it here (will check it later). To make it short, the point is that i had a breakout, itchy, etc from my first volcanic mask i picked out randomly from the drugstore (century or guardian? hmm.. can't remember). Anyway,  years later i decided to try again because i read about benefit of volcanic powder for skin. and the reason to try it now is because i have some problem with my skin these days. large pores and white heads on my nose, dry flakes near cheek area, under nose area, and fore head, plus some small zits on forehead area... rrrrggggghhhh.
 i really hoped this mask will help.

first, information about product.

VOV Daily Fresh Volcanic Powder, provides instant relief to pressing skin problems, recharging and reviving skin after every use. Made from natural ingredients, each face pack restores skin balance to promote healthier skin marked with a radiant lustrous glow. Skin feels refreshed and cleansed after a single use.

how to use it
After cleansing, apply the mask to lightly wet face (avoid eye and lip area). Gently press and massage (for sensitive skin, massage is not advisable). Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well with water.

suitable for
all skin type

texture and scent
the texture is light creamy lotion with some grey-ish powder in it. the scent is similar with my previous volcanic mask. i think all volcanic mask will smell similar just like this.

my experience and result
after cleansing, i applied this mask evenly. it's easy to apply. the texture is not that sticky type mask so it's easy to spread evenly. you can use your hand or mask/pack brush. then i waited for 15 minutes. after 10 minutes i started to feel the mask getting harder and dry. Before i applied this i looked for information on the net about this mask, and there is information from one beauty page ( i forgot and i didn't save it) explain about how you wash it off the mask, first, you can rinse it off with water just like any other wash off pack mask, or when it gets dry you can scrub it off like a peeling gel/peeling mask. Just do what you prefer.

Well, after 15 minutes, i touched my face and it wasn't really dry but also not wet. it looked like this :
there are some cracking like it's about to peel off.
so i thought, ok let's just massage it and scrub it off.
so i did, i massage with circular motion and the mask transformed like a peeling gel, with all the mask peeled off like this;
the moment i scrubed it off, i could feel my skin soooo soft and moisturised. there is some oil residue too, like the volcanic powder melted giving some nice moisturised feeling. then i continue wash the residue with water.

i'm impressed!!! my skin felt soooo smoooth and soft, extra moisturised too. all those dry flakes are gone. the next day also no dry flakes anymore.i like it! if there is one thing i don't like is only the smell. i prefer sweet and delicious smell for my skin care products than natural-herb kind smell like this.
but overall, it's a great product, and definetely on the top 2 vov mask with the egg one.

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