Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Primer sample review : Etude house, baviphat, holika holika

Since i have only sample sachet for those 3 brands, so i will write them in one post. First is Etude house collagen moistfull smoothing ampule primer, Baviphat island girls BB primer fix, Holika holika HD skinny primer base.
to be honest, i don't know if i should just write the review one by one or just compare all of the three all at once. But since i took a picture of each cream one by one i will start with each primer and maybe later compare those 3 products.

First is Etude house collagen moistfull smoothing ampule primer
with flash

without flash
the texture is creamy, with light pinky colour. First time i used this after squeezed the product on my hand, i applied straight away on my face, and i was surprised. Woaaaa... what is this sparkle all over my face... oh noooo... it was in the afternoon and i was just about to go out with my daughter, spend our afternoon outside. and that time i thought, this is sooo wrong...!!! i don't need all these glitter sparkeling on my face!!
But i couldn't be bother to clean my face and repeat again so i thougt ok, let's just continur with bb cream and let's see how it goes.

well, the sparkle still there but not too obvious. when i look closer on the mirror i could still see them.
check the pictures below
can you see all those sparkle? if you zoom out the second pictures you will see them!
anyway, continue to more result, it turned out, this primes is really great primer. it gave my face a natural glow and maximize the bb cream and other make up, also it kept my make up great although i sweat that day. when i came back home, i was surprise to see my face still fresh and i really like the effect on my face. it was just great. The only thing i don't like is the glitter. it would be good if you have special occasions like wedding, party, etc. But for everyday use, this is not for me.

Next, Baviphat Island girls BB primer fix
without flash
with flash
The texture is light lotion, with white colour.  it's easy to blend, easy to absorb. and a nice moisturizer too. it made my face smooth and ready for make up, but not that smooth silky, only smooth and nice when i touched it. It worked good with bb cream. when i used this before bb cream it kind of maximized the glow of bb cream. there is a light pink tone in it, which is great to make my face looks fresh and healthy :)
The long lasting effect is not as good as the etude house collagen smoothing ampule primer, but it's quite good for everyday use because no glitter in it.

Lst but not least, Holika holika HD skinny primer base.
the texture is also a light watery lotion with white colour. it felt a little bit sticky, but still easy to apply. one this so obvious the first time i tried this is the scent. sooo strong smell. it smells like rubery.. or glue? hehe. well, from what i read on some blogger they said it's the smell of collagen. But the etude house one also with collagen but the scent is not strong like this. For me the scent is ok though, not something bad.
without flash
with flash
When i applied to my face, i like how it felt on my skin. it's a little bit like baviphat island girls bb primer fix, but this one gave smoother surface. it's also good in keeping make up last long, including under the sun. Yup, i remember i used this primer on the day i was out survey for kindergarten for my daughter. we went to 3 kindergartens, in and out, sometimes out to the playground area, and when i came back my make up (this primer, bb cream and loose powder) still good on my face. i didn't look dull although i was out under the sun, sweating.

Conclusion abouth the three primers,
Overall, all these 3 primer are good products. They have moisturising properties too, didn't make my face dry. But if you ask if i found my fav primer in these 3 products, my answer would be no. Because there is one thing i would like from my primer, which is smooth silky finish before continue to other step of make up. Normally it's the gel type primer that will give that silky smooth effect.  For example, it was something like Revlon beyond solution primer i tried years ago. the texture was gel, and it gave me smooooth silky texture. or something like skinfood peach sake serum or finish powder.
These 3 primers gave a smooth and ready skin for make up, but not that silky smooth, flawless skin. just smoother than your skin feel. So, i'm still looking for  a primer!!
Right now i'm interested to try Baviphat sugar girl primer that i read a review on frozen blossom by senzy blog or Holika holika silky veil primer (because the name said it, "silky" so i was curious to try).
So, any of you tried those primer? or do you have any suggestion for me? what's your favourite primer?

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