Monday, May 14, 2012

Cleansing review : Innisfree originated lemongrass brightening cleansing lotion

On my last time purchased with iheartkoreanbeauty, Baviphat applemint skin care i ordered was discontinued, so i changed my order into something else, and this cleansing lotion is one of the replacement products i bought. i needed cleansing lotion at that time and i chose this because it was ready stock and i like innisfree products.

Just now when i'm writing this i'm also looking on google for more information about this product, but unfortunetly i couldn't find any. no information about what it contains and benefits. and no english information on the packaging too. so, i'm clueless here.. hehehe. the information is only from the name. "brightening" and "lemongrass" so yeah, i only know that it contains lemongrass and the benefit is brightening. that's it. hehe. well anyway for more information i'll just let you girls know more from my experience.

First, the packaging.. just the way i like it. it's a pump bottle. plastic,but doesn't make it look cheap. there is a safety clip on it, which is very usefull when you have kids who like to discover everything. hehe.
the texture is very light lotion, like some of korean emulsion. the smell, hmmmmm,,, it smells so fresh. smells like a lime candy. i like it!

Now, for the power as a cleansing product, i'll test it to remove some make up.

i drew some line of various make up products; eye brow pencil, pencil eye liner, gel eye liner, lipstik, bb cream, pencil eye shadow. then pump some amount of the lotion on top.

then i started rubbing the lotion with circular motion gently. look, the make up started melting with the lotion.
last step is to wipe it off with cotton pad. taraaaa..!! clean!

what i think about this product :

i think it's a good cleansing lotion. the cleansing power to remove make up is great, the smell is nice, doesn't break me out, doens't dry out my face. But for better result i used to follow up again with cleansing foam and water. without cleansing my face again with water and facial foam i could feel some oil residue, like my face became oily. but overall, this is a great product and in the future i will look for other cleansing product from innisfree!

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Irin Huang said...

What about the brightening effect? Did you see any?