Friday, May 11, 2012

BB cream sample review : Missha M signature real complete bb cream

That's the picture for the Missha M signature real complete bb cream. i only got the sample sachet, which is very small, but enough for sample to try on. it could last 5-6days! this is the sample i got;

obviously, missha is not my fav korean product, i don't know why, maybe because the packaging is not as cute as others? hehe and also because the price is higher than skinfood-etude house-baviphat i guess. so far Missha full size product (not sample) i have bought only Missha M bb boomer and black eye liner (forgot the name coz it was a long time ago).
But for bb cream, i always excited to try more products. hehe. so i was wuite excited when i received this on my last haul. yeayyy. let's try this.
But before that, i googled for information about this product, and this is what i found;

seems promising huh..

my experience with Missha M signature real complete bb cream
it comes in 3 shade, which is no.13/light milk beige, no.21/light pink beige and no.23/natural yellow beige. the one i got is no.23 so it's the darkest shade. let's see the swatch below:
it looks a little bit darker comparing to any other bb creams i own, but of course, as it is a bb cream, it does its magic, blended perfectly and match my skin tone.
it smells just like any drugstore foundation. No sweet scent. the texture is light creamy, not too thin and not too thick. just perfect for a bb cream. and it's easy to apply too.

result ?
i'm impressed! it gave a nice coverage, it could cover my old acne scar too. the results is flawless, and also the oil control is not bad!! until 3 pm my nose area still not oily as usual. i like it!!!!!
but there's only one down side from this bb cream. when i was out under the sun (not stay inside air conditioned room), this bb cream made my face looks dull. when i came back home and i checked my face on the mirror, it seemed like there was a grey undertone from the bb cream that made my face looks dull.
But other than that, it's all great. almost perfect for me. too bad. or maybe i should try shade no.21. will i buy the full size? hmmm.. maybe. i will think about it. i'm tempted to try no.21.hehe
from the website information this is suitable for sensitive skin. at this time my face is normal-oily, not in sensitive mode, so i can't comment on that.


Penulis Amatir said...

So overall u like it, except for the grayish thing.
Did it transfer on ur clothes or cellphone when u sweat? Is it water(sweat) proof?
I used Skinfood Aloe and when I started to sweat, it transfered on my cellphone (when I was using it)
Nice info, I want to try it too (curious mode on)^^

galleryibu said...

try to get sample first if you can. i didn't notice if it transfer to my clothes or not. i didn't check last time. anyway, to compare, have you tried those famous missha pervect cover bb cream? in my opinion, this m signature is better.

Penulis Amatir said...

I never try missha bb cream before. Maybe I'll go hunting for the sample :) thanx

city said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.