Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mask sheet review : VOV daily fresh mask green tea collagen

After trying some Vov daily fresh wash off pack, now i'm trying the mask sheet version. it's green tea collagen. The packaging is same like any other vov mask, with a shape of an old style bottle, only the mask sheet version is bigger than the wash off pack.

I'm glad that there is english information on the packaging, although some words are still weird :). but anyway, here is the information on the packaging :

Front packaging :

Green tea collagen
For all skin types, This natural mask sheet containing essence extract of facial treatment with excellent moisturizing and purifying effects helps keep your skin silky and fresh.

Back Packaging :
 Green tea collagen - yammy mask pack without skin trouble    .....(yammy?)
green tea extract helps to purify your skin against harmful circumstance, and botanical collagen helps to provide a moist and elastic to your skin.

application :
after cleansing, soothe your face with toning water
apply the mask on the face. smoothing the mask geently to ensure good contact with the skin.
(please tap pouch two to three times before opening)
leave it 10-20 minutes on your face until the nutrients of the mask are absorbed and then remove the mask from your face.
if essence is left on your face after taking off the mask, tap your face completely baing absorbed essence into your skin.

My experience with Vov daily fresh mask green tea collagen :

When i opened the packaging and taking off the mask sheet, i was quite surprised, that there is also part to cover my eyes. it's the first time i found a mask sheet like this. normally the eyes part would be left opened, you know.. with holes for the eyes. but this one will also cover your eyes. Take a look at this;
Can you see the eyes area? i thought, woaaa,, it means i have to close my eyes during my application? because normally i would read a book or playing games on ipad during mask application. But i thought, wait, this will even better. i bet this will give a nice treatment and refreshment on the eyes, specially below eyes area. So i applied it, wait.. it's too big... yeah, the mask size is a little too big and too wide for me. it's a little bit hard to adjust it on my face. Many folds here and there. But finally i managed it. i closed my eyes, laid down and wait.  Niceeeeee....

After 15 minutes, i started to feel that the mask was getting dry on some part. Not like my beauty diary mask that after 20 minutes still not dry, this one get dry quicker. and after 20 minutes when i removed the mask, not much essence left on my face. But overall, during and after application i didn't get any itchy or uncomfortable felling. everything seems good.

Result? nice fresh looking face, a little brighter face, but im moisturizing effect, compare to my beauty diary mask sheet, my beauty diary is better. But i still like this mask because it covers eyes area too. it gave a special treatment on the eyes too. I have this dark circle around my eyes, and it was nice to cover my eyes with a refreshing mask like this too.

I just wih that they sell this on store like watson or century in jakarta (or tell me if you know which offline store sell this), because it's just too unconvinient to order mask sheet online, unless you are also buying some other stuff, then it's ok to put this on the list too.

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