Thursday, June 28, 2012

skin care review : Innisfree originated Mint Pore tightening finish essence

This is another product from innisfree mint line, to continue my previous post abouth the skin (toner) and lotion from the same line. For more information about this mint line, you can check my previous post.

So this is the essence, or some named it serum, to apply after toner and before the lotion. When i first got this, i was quite shock and dissapointed to see it's only 20ml!! i know, it's my fault i didn't check how big or how many ml it is when i ordered it online. When i ordered online i always ignore the information about quantity of the product, that's why when i got this i was surprised. i thought it would be 50ml, just like some other serum from korean brand. 20 ml is too little for the whole face!

Aside of the small quantity i got, the packaging comes in this plastic tube packaging, and it's easy to scoop out the product. so, i like it! much much better than the heavy glass packaging for lotion, that is hard to scoop the lotion out.

The texture is a thick gel-balm like, and it smells like.. minty balsam.. like a medicine cream for your muscles. i wrote it before on my previous post, that at first time, it kinda smells like balsam cap kaki 3.
when i applied to my skin, it turned the skin to this silky smooth finish, which i like.

my experience with innisfree originated mint pore tightening finish essence.
At first, i applied this all over my face, and woaaaa... my face turned into silky smooth skin, ready to put make up. so my first impression, this would be a good primer, specially for those with large pores. But after some days, i started to think that if i use this everyday for my face i will finish it in no time, since it's only 20 ml. So i just apply this on my nose and chin only, the area with large pores. Besides i think that's why it comes in onlu 20mlc because it's an essence, not a lotion or primer.

But seriously, i think it works better as a primer than a pore tightening essence. After applying this, my nose felt smooth, and hides the pore, not make them go away. lol. i have been using this continuesly for more than 2 months, together with the skin and lotion. And yea, i think after awhile i could started to see the result, although not WOW or spectacular result that make me want to buy more of these. Besides still, rp.110.00- (pre order for internet) for 20 ml only is a little bit expensive for me..

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