Thursday, June 21, 2012

make up remover review : Baviphat Rice total make up remover

This is my new make up remover to replace my skin food milk shake point make up remover that i finished. I opened this one many many months ago but i didn't use this everyday because i also have innisfree lemongrass cleansing lotion that also good to remove make up. But recently i started using this everyday.
So it is Baviphat rice total make up remover. Not a popular product, as i was search for it on google, i couldn't even find the information in english about this product, and also no review. I know, i bought this without any recommendation or good review. So, how is it..?

First, the texture is not a lotion or gel. The texture is just like toner. even it feels like toner on the skin. clear/no colour, almost no smell.
 The power to remove make up is good..check this out
various make up from gel eye liner, pencil eye liner, lipstick, bb cream, cream blush.
i waited for a while til they get dry, and then.. let's remove it. Pour the make up remover into cotton pad, then gently swipe on the area.
Taraaaa...! it's clean! the gel eye liner is harder to remove than other make up, but it's still easy to remove with this one.

My experience with Baviphat rice total make up remover :
  • Because the texture is just like toner, i suspected it contains alcohol (cannot find the ingridients in english), and i think it does. Because i felt my face a little bit dry after cleaning with this, specially if i didn't put moisturizer after right away. But if i put moisturizer right away, no problem.
  • it's only to remove make up on ur face, not including eye and lip. it would be too hard for your eye and lip area. First time i tried this make up remover, i used it on my lip too. Actually it was quite accidently, as before using this i was using skinfood milk shake point make up remover, which is all in one make up remover, that i always use for lip and eyes area too. When i used this on my lip, not just that it was bitter, but also my lip gets dry straight away, and i remember... OMG.. i'm not suppose to use this on my lip and eyes too! it's not like skin food. So the next day i went to buy special make up remover for eyes and lip.
  • Some weeks ago, i came home in the afternoon, and i removed my make up with this and i didn't put any moisturizer or anything else after that. At night, i noticed that my nose stay matte during afternoon. Not oily at all and as i touched my nose i couldn't feel the large pores or any white heads that used to stick there. I was quite surprised, and as i was recall what did i put to my face, i only cleaned my face with this and didn't pu anything else. So the next day, i was curious to try again. i cleaned my face with this in the morning (normally in the morning as i have no make up i just clean my face with facial foam), before putting any moisturizer and bb cream. The result is... it helped my nose to stay matte. no oily on the nose... woaaaa... greatt!! But i was affraid that it will make my face dry, so the next day i applied this make up remover on my nose only in the morning. woaaa... it's like a serum that treat my problem area now... (nose and chin). Normally i need to remove white heads on the nose twice a week with nise pack. But during the week i applied this make up remover on my nose after three days my nose still clean! woaaaa,,, but after a week i started to see those white heads again so i still have to removed them with nose pack. But from twice a week to once a week? that's a great progress for me!!
  • I think thismake up remover is suitable for oily skin, or maybe normal to oily. Dry skin may experience some dryness after application. On that day i didn't put any moisturizer, oily part of my face which is nose and chin stay matte, but my cheek experience some dryness.
Overall, i really like this make up remover, not just because it good to remove make up but i also got some benefit which help my oily area.  My only concern is only that i don't know how many alcohol contained in this product. i think Baviphat should start putting some english information on their packaging like skin food or etude house.


Tira Misu said...

It looks interesting! Too bad I don't find a lot of baviphat products online,,anyway, not the newest ones. ><
Can you use thise make-up remover also without a cotton pad, like massaging it over your face??
I don't like to use cotton pads to remove my make-up... need too many. xD

galleryibu said...

hi tira.. i don't think you can use this without cotton pad because the texture is too watery.. it's like a toner or even water.. i think without cotton pad it would be hard..