Friday, June 8, 2012

cleansing foam review : Holika Holika Soda pore cleansing foam

I loooove sample size product like this! yeah, i bet you knew that already by now. Well, this time i got holika holika soda pore cleansing. When i first saw it, i really thought it's a baking soda cleansing just like the one from etude house. When last week i decided to try this one, i just noticed that the name is soda pore cleansing, without a word "baking" on front. Wait.. so it's not a baking soda. it's a soda. what's the different? lol. i have no idea because there's no english explanation on the packaging
This is how the full size packaging looks like;
the information about the product (i just googled it)
 Product description

:Formualted with Harrogate soda water 10000 ppm, mineral, baking powder, switzerland alpine herb.

:Provides nutrition and cares of pores to create bright and smooth skin
▶ Instruction
:Make a foam enough, apply it to your face, and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
.. and they also released some other cleansing type for this line ;
Hilika holika soda cleansing powder wash, O2 bubble mask, cleansing water, cleansing oil and foam. Look at the packaging. it's blue! just like etude house baking powder line, aren't they?

Anyway, here are some more information about this line:
(pictures from ebay, seller bellogirl)

Ok, now let's back to the cleansing foam and my experience using this for a week and more.
First, the scent is actually similar like etude house baking powder cleansing foam, but this one is a little bit too overpowering. the senct of etude house baking powder cleansing foam is sweeter than this. This one smells like an air perfume that you hang on the car. but it's ok though. still nice scent for me.

Second, the texture. it's a light creamy lotion with white colour. There is this tiny super soft scrub particles that i couldn't feel it on my hand, but later when i massage around my face i could feel those tiny super soft scrub particles
 when i rub it on my hand with water, it doesn't foam much. But it's ok, in fact some people prefer this way. for me it's just ok as long as it cleans well.

when i applied and massage gently to my face, i could feel that the formula is soft and light, but as i wash it off with water, just like many other cleansing foam type, i could feel it took off some natural moisture from my face, leaving it felt dry. For some people maybe will even experience some tight feeling. not for me, though.  just need to applied toner and moisturiser and everything will be good, no dry feeling.

What i like most about this that i felt this cleansing foam mattify my nose area (the oily part of my face). i like tha matte feeling adter washing and applied moisturiser. I really think it really did a pretty good job on that. For this last 1 week i felt my nose less oily, and there are 2 new product i tried this week, which is this one and a bb cream from hanskin. which one helps to reduce the oily on my nose, could be both, or maybe i should make some test to make sure.

in conclusion, yeah i like it! and i'm thinking to get another type from this line, like the cleansing water. i think this one will be good for oily skin. so, have you tried other type of this holika holika soda cleansling line? tell me your experience!

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Annisa mulia said...

Looks nice, but I want an Etude one..
My idol, SHINee is their ambassador :D