Tuesday, June 26, 2012

skin care review : Innisfree originated mint Pore tightening skin and lotion

Everyone has different skin condition, means different problem and complain. Some complaining about dry skin, some must deal with oil paper every day because their oily skin, others complaining about their acne prone skin, sensitive skin, dull, uneven skin tone, and so on.. Even those with normal skin sometimes experience some break down. Well, as for me, my obsession is focus on my nose.What's wrong with my nose? well, large pores, oily, white heads..if i touch it, it's not smooth like the cheek area.. i could feel the large pores and white heads.. No matter how many times i peeled them off with nose pack, they always came back. My chin also has the same condition, but not as bad as the nose area.

Regarding that problem i have, i decided to try skin care from innisfree that targeted for pore tightening, which is Originated Mint. Last year i got innisfree olive line skin care sample, and i was satisfied, so i decided to buy the full bottle this time, but Mint line.

Before i start with the review, let me provide you with some information about this line i got from the net
 Pictture and information from ebay seller

From the mint range, i have mint pore tightening skin (toner), lotion and essence (serum). Review for essence coming up.. This time i'll just write about the skin and lotion first.

Innisfree originated mint pore tightening skin
This pore tightening skin is actually a toner. Some korean brand named the toner as "skin". First, the packaging is this heavy glass bottle, same like some other korean brand. So it's not convinient for travelling. 
The top and the cap of the bottle. I'm glad that there's is a plastic cap with small hole, so no need to worry that you will spill the toner or pour too much.The texture is the toner is watery liquid, not sticky.

Innisfree originated mint pore tightening lotion
The packaging is same like the toner, with this heavy glass bottle.
The top and the cap of the bottle. Of course for the lotion the hole is bigger than the one for the toner but heyyy... it's still hard to push the product out. You have to shake it hard. I'm now used to it but first time it was hard.... i even spilled the lotion everywhere. i kept wondering why many korean products use this kind of bottle. i think it would be easirer if it comes with plastic tube that you can squeeze easily or bottle with pump.
The texture of lotion is light and sooooo watery. i think it's the most watery lotion i've ever tried. Even once my husband tried this lotion too on his face and he said.. what is it? is it water or what?

my experience with innisfree originated mint skin and lotion
First, both toner and lotion smells like.. menthol? actually on the first week i didn't like the scent.. it smells like.. balsam? if you are indonesian.. do you know the smell of balsam cap kaki tiga? omg.. it smells something like that, but in softer side. seriously, it smells like medicine.. not that kind of sweet scent i like. But after awhile i'm used to it.

So, First time i applied  the toner my face,,, ouuuccchhh it's cold!! i could feel the mint sensation straightaway.. it's like a menthol feel.. you know, when you use menthol shampoo, you could feel your the cold sensation on your scalp. I'm not used with those feeling on my face, so first time i felt like burning a little instead of cold. it felt like my face was on sensitive mode although it wasn't. it was just the effect of this mint toner.
Then i continued with the lotion. As i wrote before, this is the most watery lotion.. in fact it's tooo light for me. well, it's good for a day light in summer. But still, with the dry weather here in Yemen, it's still too light. This lotion doesn't give me enough moisturizer hor my skin. I tested it one day when i stayed at home, just applied the toner and lotion and nothing else, no make up. and the result... after lunch my skin started getting dry. i could feel those dry flakes!!!  So the next day after the lotion i still have to apply more moisturizer, in this case i applied tony moly multi play cream, and it was perfect. So definetely not enough moisturizer for sleeping at night too. At night i have to add more moisturizer or sleeping pack.

Other thing, the first week of using this line, i felt like my skin shocked a little bit. with cooling sensation, with the formula, i don;t know.. but i remember on the first week i almost gave up with this line. i almost put them aside and stopped using it. My skin was getting dry and the cooling sensation sometimes felt more burning than cooling. But i decided to keep using it because i thought my skin just need some time to adapted with new skin care. and yeaf, after a week, my skin started getting used to it. the cooling from the toner started giving me the fresh feeling, not burning. And as for the lotion, i just need to add more moisturizer cream or bb cream that will keep my face moisturised.

and of course, the most important thing here is the pore tightening effect. because that's the reason why i bought this and also that's the promise of this line. After a month, i still didn't fell any improvement. so i continued using it, now it's more than 2 months.. i started to see the improvement. well, with the help of Baviphat rice make up remover (read my previous review for that) too, now i don't have to apply pore nose pack as often as before. My pore on my nose felt tighten after the application, and the most timportant thing is i think you don't expect express result. Just be patient and wait.

Overall, This products just so so for me. i don't hate it, but also not love it.Nothing too special that will make me repurchase this one. Comparing to other pore line i have tried, Peach sake line from skin food is better.
Sorry innisfree, but your olive line is much much better than this.


Jen Tju said...

I am also Indonesian, and I have purchased this line since a friend of mine who has normal/ dry skin mentioned that this Olive line superb. Hence, I am kind of the same as u on the reason on purchasing this product. True enough that this product is so so..No wonder innisfree doesnt put this Mint line on the corner of the shop. I also couldnt agree with you more on the need of additional moisturizer after applying this lotion. Anyway, I will still finish this product and I dont think I will repurchase it. My close friend just mentioned about Shisedo pore tigthening facial wash, and I would like to give it a try. Thanks for the review

galleryibu said...

hi jen tju..thanks for drop a comment.. yeaaa.. i think for innisfree skin care olive line is their recommended one.