Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BB cream review : Hanskin caviar gold bb cream

Hanskin? This is my first try of Hanskin product. When i saw this on iheartkoreanbeauty, i just wanted to try it. First because it's sample size, then because it contains caviar, which i had a nice experience with skin food gold caviar line and BRTC caviar bb cream (both i tried the sample size only).
To be honest, i think Hanskin is not too popular brand in Indonesia or among beauty bloggers i follow. I bet thet know about the brand Hanskin, but not many using this brand.

Anyway, i got the sample/travel size only for this one, with no information in english on the packaging of course, so i googled before writing this review.
This is the full size tube looks like ;
and this is sample/travel size i got;
information about this product (from http://www.buybbcream.com) :

Product Description

A luxurious BB cream with caviar extracts to moisturize dry skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Enriched with caviar extracts and white gold peptide Hanskin Caviar Gold B.B Cream is suitable for those with dry skin, protects skin from loosing its moisture and harmful UV rays. Aside from caviar, Aloe, Vitamin B, vegetable vitamins and other nourishing ingredients strengthen and whiten skin to create a healthy glow and improve elasticity. Boosts the resilience of skin, makes skin velvety-soft and rejuvenated. It also has good oil control power without compromising your skin’s moisture level.
  • Anti Wrinkle, Whitening and Sun Protective (SPF 21)
  • It is suitable for those looking for a lighter shade B.B cream with a dewy finish
  • Features caviar extracts amongst other natural ingredients
  • 30ml

Recommended for dry skin types

How to Use:

Apply as a foundation or as a base before your foundation.

After applying basic skin care products, use appropriate amount and apply the BB cream evenly on the skin staring from the center of the face.

My experience with Hanskin caviar gold bb cream :

Firat, the packaging, i like this sample size packaging. with a gold plastic cap and gold tube colour, it looks elegant and expensive!
 it's very handy, convinient to carry around.

The bb cream, first the texture is creamy, not watery type, but it's light and easy to apply.
The colour/ swatch, at first i thought it would be too light for me, but turned out it blended well and adjust my skin tone just right.
without flash
with flash.

the good thing about this bb cream is that the oil control is good. i could feel the different effect on my oily-large pores nose. on my previous post Holika holika soda pore cleansing i mentioned about the good oil control when i was using both holika-holika cleansing and Hanskin. i tried to use them seperataly, like today holika holika soda pore cleansing and not applying this bb cream, and next day using other cleanser and then apply this bb cream. And the result is.. it was better when i applied this bb cream only. So the result i felt lateley was mostly from this bb cream. But of course, with a right cleanser, like Holika holika soda pore cleansing for example, the effect would be even better.
What effect ? well, my oily nose stay matte longer, started to get oily only after around 6 hours (normally around 3 hours only). although from the information i found this bb cream is targeted for dey skin, but it turned out the oil control is great too. and the moisturizer also great! my face didn't get dry and keep moisturised with this bb cream.

ok, so far it's all good. but it's still not perfect though. what i don't like is the coverage. it's like almost zero coverage. like i don't wear bb cream. i like my bb cream to give me nice natural flawless look, the look that after applying bb cream i felt like i don't need to apply powder on top ( i'm a house wife with daily activities only cooking-shopping-mall window shopping-playing with my daughter-hang out with friends--so that kind of look is enough for me). in fact it's been awhile that i didn't use loose powder and compact powder. But this bb cream,, hhhmmm it's just like a tinted moisturiser. after applying this my face still looks pale and naked, and also it didn't cover my old spot. In conlusion, i don't like the finish look of this bb cream.

So, it's a little bit confusing here, the oil control and moisturizer are good, but the coverage is not good, not like bb cream finish look i wanted. so i like it as a base only. yup, maybe it will be good as a make up base. But definetely not my type of my fav bb cream.

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