Wednesday, June 13, 2012

eye brow pencil review : Skin food Choco powder eyebrow wood pencil

Many many years before (ok, maybe my college years when i started to put something else on my face other than sun block, lotion and loose powder) i always used random eye brow products. i don't really care about brands or type for this cosmetic product. For me all of them are just same. In fact i never bought one that time. i just asked my mom to give me one of her eye brow. Normally she gave me the old one, the one that already short or half pencil, then i would just use it. Oh, and the colour is always black.

Then after i finished college and started to work, one day i stopped by at maybelline counter and i was interested with the eye brow product, i forgot the name, but it's not a pencil type, like thin crayon, with a brush on the other side. the colour was brown and i loved it straightaway, and i bought it, and even repurchased for the same product.

Now back to the reality at the present day, since i am into korean brands now, and always purchased many items every year, i thought, why not trying eyebrow pencil from one of my favourite brand, the skin food?
so i chose this one, the choco powder eyebrow no.#2 which is black brown.

information from skinfood website :
Choco Powder Eyebrow Wood Pencil #2 Black-Brown
This long-lasting powder brow pencil has a velvety-smooth texture that allows for easy application, leaving no chalky residue. It creates beautifully natural brows without smudging.

My experience with skin food choco powder eyebrow :

First, from the look, it looks just like any other ordinary eyebrow pencil, nothing special, AND..... one day i put it inside my cosmetic bag to carry with me, and when i went back home,,, You know what happened?

it was broken! somehow it was just teared apart into 2 pieces..
WHAAATTT....!how could it be so fragile?! i was sure that my make up bag was big enough and this eyebrow pencil was fit perfectly there.. but whhhyyyy....?

anyway... apart from how it was broken like that, of course it was still working and didn't damaged the whole product so i could still use it.. until Now.

The pencil?
 This is how the pencil looks like. it's easy to sharpen. I think i did sharpened it twice. the application with this eyebrow pencil is easy.

the perfect colour for my eyebrow! yeaaaaayyy... it looks natural on my eyebrow and the colour is perfect match so i looove it. The colour is even better than my previous favourite maybelline. The one from maybelline is brown, so it was actually a little bit too light, but this one is black brown so it is just perfect!

My conclusion :
oh, i looove this eyebrow pencil specially because of the perfect colour. and it's cheap!!! range around RP.35.000-Rp.40.000 if you order online. it's cheap and will last forever! lol. This one gave me a good impression of korean brand eye brow pencil. when it finish one day i will definitely buy eyebrow pencil from skinfood (maybe another type) or other korean brands like etude house, baviphat or tony moly.

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