Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hair creambath review : Makarizo hair energy anti aging creambath with aloe vera

Another creambath cream for hair... Yeah, hair creambath is one of my must weekly treatment. My hair is tangled and i need some extra cream to smoothen my hair and make it easier to comb. So this is another Makarizo product, not a new brand for me. In fact Makarizo is one of mt favourite product. Not the best, but one of my fav because of the nice smell is a point plus for me :).
This one comes in sachet packaging, contains 60 gr. For me with medium hair i could use it twice and there is still more left, but not much. There is some information at the back of the packaging, as you can see.

My experience with Makarizo hair energy anti aging creambath with aloe vera
First, from all Makarizo hair creambath variant i've tried, this one smells the best.. i smells niceeee... can;t describe the scent, but it smells fresh and sweet and the scent last long.

The texture is creamy lotion, a little bit sticky for me, specially when i applied it on my dry hair. You know, i like to apply it on my dry hair before shampoo, not after shampoo. I think this one is better to apply after shampoo, because when i applied on the dry hair it was sticky and a little bit hard to apply evenly on my hair.
I applied this on dry hair, wait for around 15 minutes then jump into shower and rince it off.
The result? same result with any other makarizo hair creambath i've tried. My hair became smooth, easy to comb, nice smell.. On the packaging for maximum result You should apply this twice a week. woaaa.. how many sachet i need for a year? plus, who have time to do that twice a week? lol.

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