Monday, July 2, 2012

Skin care review : Baviphat fruit therapy samples part 1

Yeeaaaayyyy! samples!  one thing that got me excited when i received my korean pre order purchase. i always wondering,, what samples i got this time?  well, last time i got this baviphat fruit therapy line;
I got Apple AC therapy sleeping pack, Appla all-in-one peeling gel, Lemon white sleeping pack, strawberry toxifying mask, Peach all in one peeling gel and mango steam scrub.

Some of this fruity baviphat variant are not new for me, i've tried some of the samples before, and maybe i wrote or mentioned about them in some of my post already, but since i never made a review about them (only mango whitening mask that i have the full size packaging), this time i'll review some of them.

First..Baviphat strawberry Toxifying mask
I read some review about this on beauty bloggers i followed.. and some of them wondered abiut the name corrected the name them self into detoxifying mask, not toxifying mask. lol
anyway, this is some information i got from the net :

all in one mask with trouble care and pore care
(pore tightening effect + sebum control + soothing effect)
Pink clay ingridient makes a fresh and tight skin condition by controlling pores .
how to use :
evenly apply suitable amount onto the face except for eyes and lips and wash off after 20-25 minutes.

My experience with Baviphat strawberry toxifying mask
First impression,,, nice smelll! it's one of the lovely scent i like and i would like to have on my skin care. it smells this sweet strawberry yoghurt. the scent reminds me of london dairy strawberry yoghurt ice cream. yummmmyyy...
The texture,
first time i tried this, i was surprised... i thought it would be like other face wash off mask, that is creamy or gel based, but this one turned out it's like clay mask. when i checked on the net, well, it is a clay mask.
I applied it evenly on my fave, and wait for 20 minutes. No itchy or uncomfortable feeling during that 20 minutes. After awhile the mask will get dry and tighten the face, like when u use a mask sheet ot peel off mask.
After 20 minutes, i washed it off with warm water. The result?
a little bit fresh looking face, but not too brightening effect. only so so, and fresh look- like. But one thing i like is the tightening effect on my nose area. i could feel my big pores tighten a little bit, and it also smoothen those area with big pores. yeeeeaaayyy..But the effect didn't last long though.. only that day on my application. And as in soothing effect, i didn't feel any, maybe because my face was in normal condition, not it "sensitive need soothing" mode, so i can't comment on that. Overall, i like this mask.

Next is.. Baviphat apple all-in-one peeling gel
peeling gel with fruity scent ! yeaaaayyy i knew i would love it even before i tried it. lol

information about this product :
gentle skin exfoliator buffs away dull and rough surface skin to uncover the soft, youthful and vibrant skin underneath. When massaged on skin in circular motion, the refreshing gel formula lifts dead cells and surface dirt, revitalizing and cleansing skin with every use. continued use helps skin absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently.
how to use :
apply to the face, avoiding the mouth and eye areas. massage gently into the skin to exfoliate and rinse off with warm water.

my experience with baviphat apple all in one peeling gel
first impression.. also nice smell!!! it smells just like apple!!! not fresh apple or apple juice smell, but more creamy apple.. like when you mix apple and cream or milk.
the texture,
it's very thick creamy scrub gel, once you apply and rub it gently on your face, it will turn into scrub particles that will scrub your dirt off. it will look like this;
i think the formula of this feeling is soft, not the hard one. i didn't feel it hard or rough on my skin. and it's easy to scrub and rub it off, easy to rinse. the result? nice soft and moisturized skin. the soft effect is not superb extra smooth, but quite good. there is also moisturized and lifting effect after using this. so i quite like it, but not my best peeling product.

Last for today.. Baviphat apple AC therapy sleeping pack

This is not my first time using this. i tried a sample of this sleeping pack before, maybe aroung 2 years ago.. but i'll write again what i think this time..

information about this product..
An overnight mask formulated with fruit acids gently peel off dead skin cells and banish a dull and lackluster complexion. A known skin moisturizer, pectin provides superior hydration to give skin a soft and silky feel. Apply evenly on cleansed skin before going to bed. Wash off in the morning. Recommended for oily and blemish prone skin

my experience with Baviphat apple AC therapy sleeping pack
 the smell is actually similar with the apple peeling gel. it smells apple with cream or milk. 
the texture,
it's creamy gel sleeping pack. easy to apply and absorb, not sticky. i like the texture.
so i appied this as the last step of my skin care at night before sleeping, then i just slept. the next morning.. hemmm? nothing change.. well, it kept my face moisturized during the night sleeping in air conditioned room, so it's good enough for me. Not superb or something special that i will repurchase, but if i got more of this samples (which i have 3 this time) i would like to use it again.


all this baviphat fruit line are cute. specially when you see the full size packaging, shape like the name of the fruits, so irresistible, and the price is affordable too. So far from this 3 fruits i tried, my favourite is the strawberry toxifying mask. I still have more baviphat fruit therapy line.. so just wait for more review of them!


Rindodo ♥ said...

I've tried the peach all in one peeling gel and I love it~

Smileblossom114 said...

Where did you buy your Korean products and I'm interested in trying the peeling one :)

galleryibu said...

smile blossom,
i bought my korean product from chic princessa, rie butik, onikchan, intens corner, and iheartkorean beauty.
To read my review about those seller you can check my blog post from october 2011