Monday, July 16, 2012

my latest haul from local shop

Last week i went to a new mall in the city. I was looking for a nose pore pack and yeaaayyy i found it! why i said yeaaaayy? because in this city it's hard to find it. there's no biore brand nose pore pack, and beauty shop or cosmetic shops her are local with some inported stuff randomly from all around the world. So i found the nose pore pack, and i'm also glad that i found sheet masks.
Ok this id for the details and some short review :

Ok, this one is the nose pore pack. the name of the brand is.... Touch me please nose pore cleansing strips green tea. There are 2 variants, green tea and aloe vera. This one made in korea. But i think this one is special customized to distributr in arab countries, since there's some information written in arabic too.

Last night i tried the green tea one, and woaaaa,,, it superbs! the result, it took out all my white heads including those stuborn, fat big one. i'm totally happy with the result.
Next is.. mask sheets! I bought all variants available in the market... it's a random buy i know.. but it's hard to find mask sheets here so i just bought them. The name of this product is miss beauty and it's made in china. the variants are snail,cucumber, apricot, cactus, wheat protein, grape yogurt, strawberry and pomegranate. So yup, there is snail mask! snail is booming lately in korean cosmetic industry so i want to try it too!! anyway, this mask sheet cost 200 YR each or around 12.000 rupiah
the first one i tried is.. the snail one of course.
When i first taking out the mask from the packaging, i noticed that the mask is not too wet and there's no liquid left inside the packaging. I put it on my face, and it dry out very quickly. and after awhile i felt my face itchy so i just took it off. i don't know was it the snail or the mask itself that wasn't good for me. because just after i took it off, i saw some zits right away.. woooaaa,, i was freakin out! but then the next morning my face turned out ok, no zits or any other effect. fiuuuuuuhhh.. thank God.. i still have many variants... i will try to see is it the snail extract or all the masks not good for me.
last but not least... the dove shampoo and conditioner. i felt my hair became more rough and tangled these days,, and after i used this dove shampoo and conditioner, my hair improved right away. it feels softer and less tangled. yeaaayyy

ok, that's all for this haul. can't wait to travel to jakarta for more shopping!

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